Dress #6 April 16-May 20ish


Seems like I NEVER have as much time as I’d like to devote to sewing, so a lot of these dresses are products of a few hours here and there, eventually getting done on like the third or fourth evening. This has taken at least three evening units so far, because I was meticulous in cutting the numerous pieces that this dress calls for. This was also the first dress I made using my awesome new cutting table that my wonderful Lenny found for me, and put in my grossly and criminally underused basement. How I’ve been wasting all that good space I’ll never know, but it’s officially part of the sewing process now. Before this I was cutting all of my pieces on the FLOOR, while catching lots of carpet loops in with the fabric. Just charming.

This is a Simplicity 1872, in the Cynthia Rowley line, that I bought during a recent Simplicity sale on Pattern Review. I fell in love with it instantly and had to have it. I made it with an adorable crepe fabric that I got on eBay, and it was the perfect vehicle for such a scrumptious creation. This is not a dress–it’s a confection. A luscious, dreamy cupcake of a thing. Cannot WAIT to wear it. And in typical Shelley fashion, I finish it just in time for a cold snap.

(And I promise I’ll stop with these cheesy self-taken shots in my messy bedroom that look like a bad Craigslist ad)

The actual construction of the dress wasn’t difficult at all. I even added lining to the bodice, even though the pattern doesn’t call for it, because the fabric is somewhat sheer. So this is sort of my first time altering a pattern. Neatto. The only problem was my dreaded bodice not quite fitting again. I never allow enough room for the girls. Really, I’m going to work on this…

I don’t think I did the understitching on the neck facing like I was supposed to. I really liked the look of just stitching it on and pressing it out, plus frankly I needed a bit more fabric in that area. I’ll post more pictures when I finish the armhole facing and the other particulars that I’ve been too lazy to finish.


Wow, it took me over a month to finish this thing. The weather just never got inspiring enough to bother with it, and I had several other projects that took up my time–8 more dresses, to be exact. Anyway, I finally did finish the armhole facings, and so far have hemmed the bottom tier, which I hope to get away with for as long as possible. I’m happy to say that New Jersey weather has finally shaped up, and that I can frolic in my cupcake dress now.



Something about this dress makes my head tilt. 😉

One more update. Heartwarming family moment. At my cousin’s high school graduation. Awwww.



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  1. Seriously cute!! This pattern was so not even on my radar and now I need it. I love the fabric you used. It reads as an animal print at first glance. Super fun!

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