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See You In September


(Same post released the other day, but with a more accurate date and a few corrections. Thanks for your patience.)

Since it’s the end of August, I thought I’d do a timely post and write about … Me-Made-May. It was fun as always, but I think I overdid it and Flickr-ed myself out. Somewhere between MMM and this gorgeous summer I ended up taking a blog sabbatical, which frankly is a good thing sometimes. Now I’m almost ready to line up the sewing queue and blog and comment again.

This draft of a few previously unblogged MMM items has been sitting around forever, so I’m going to finally finish and release it!!

Day 2


I made this Vogue 8685 shortly after my second Jungle January creation, in something called onion skin knit from, but as it was yet another long-sleeved knit dress in vaguely the same color scheme, I didn’t feel it was notable enough to blog about. However, it does get a ton of compliments, I guess due to the interesting geometric print. Kind of like in karaoke you get cheers for a popular song even if you’re not that great of a singer. This is my ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ dress.

Day 5. Cinco de Mustache
I’m almost annoyed by how well this fits, because I have no earthly reason to wear this anywhere but a Mustache party, which fortunately Lenny’s nieces and nephews throw every May. Since it was my fourth Macaron, it was an easy project. I didn’t even put in the side zip. I just tuck my boobs under the waistband and it all sorts itself out.


I am ecstatic to have made my first bias tape, totally by hand. No measuring, no tools, nothin’. Just eyeballed it. I couldn’t find my little bias tape thing that I bought from Joann’s, but now I’m glad because I think it would have been more complicated than just winging it. I LOVE making my own bias tape, and how totally pro it looks.


I did win the best outfit prize at the party, so it was well worth the effort.

Day 9. The Disco Dress
Aka the Hot Mess Dress because there’s just a lot going on. It’s a Simplicity 2369, a really easy knit pattern that also includes a top option and some easy elastic waist pants. I whipped up a quick pair of the pants last year, but there’s too much dromedary appendage action going on so I’ll have to pair that with a seriously long tunic or sweater. ANYway, I adore this print and have worn the dress in public quite a bit, even to Gertie’s book-signing party last September, but I wish I had put it together with more care. I started stitching the eBay-found polyester knit with my older Husqvarna Lena that I had just bought (on eBay too!) without getting used to the machine or adjusting the tension settings much, or even switching to a ballpoint needle. I was in too big of a hurry to play with the machine and so excited to have a project for this fab fabric, so I’ll just chalk it up to my typical impatience. I’ll just post the one photo of it without incriminating close-ups of wonky stitching, and pretend that it’s awesome.20130718-165913.jpg
Classy bathroom selfie, at your service.

That’s it for now. Tales of selfless summer stitching to come soon, and hopefully a completed Sew Bossy dress. I have the best employee ever, by the way, and I am by far the worst. You MUST see Anne if by chance you live under a blog rock and somehow missed her gorgeousness.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, fellow ‘Muricans, and soak up some sun and fun. I’ll leave you with an Instagram photo of the view I’m blessed with every day that I’m motivated enough to get into work early and buzz down the shore. Love that NYC backdrop.



Mad Men Challenge



Well, the season six cast photos are out and clearly I’m going to have to rethink my Joan dress. I’ll just whip up this little number.

Anyone working on the challenge? Seen the new photos?

Season Six begins April 7.

Happy Sewing!!

(Photo credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)




I just want to swim in this fabric. I call it satin, because I call everything shiny either satin or silk, but apparently it’s Charmeuse (my iPhone capitalized it, so I’m leaving it that way. Don’t wanna argue.). I just love saying it.
By the way, ankle/wrist weights make awesome pattern weights. Yet another piece of unused exercise equipment I’ve reallocated for sewing.
Love and hugs and lotsa sewin’!!!

Photo A Day. One o’clock



It’s a one o’clock world in ye olde cubicle. I’m very fortunate to love my job, and it definitely pays the fabric (and shoe) bills. Ever-present Diet Coke, some yummy chickpea thing that a co-worker made for me, my beloved new hat, stacks of slides that need to be screened, and my gorgeous microscope. Life is good.

Absolutely loving this Photo A Day Challenge.

Big hugs and enjoy your weekend. Lots of sewing projects to finish and photograph coming soon!

Photo A Day



Thanks to the creative wonder that is Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes ( and Photo A Day hostess Fat Mum Slim (how awesome is that name), I am jumping into the Photo A Day Challenge. My sweetie and I document everything, so this should be fun.

The website if you want to join in on the fun is

Today’s topic is Paper. Conveniently I just started the tracing and cutting process on my Tiramisu, so there’s plenty of paper all over my dining room table.

The Tiramisu sewalong just started yesterday, so there’s still time to hop in:

Enjoy the paper.
Major hugs,



Hey all. Sandy tried to mess with us, but we’re surviving in Central NJ. Only problem is I have absolutely no place to wear my fabulous Halloween dress other than work. Lucky Labcorp.

So as I mentioned before, I don’t normally do Halloween. I’d rather dress strangely for no reason on random days. But this gorgeous sheer witch fabric called to me from eBay so I ran with it. I knew it’d be perfect as contrast fabric for a Macaron. I found some fun cat cotton as the main/shell fabric, and here’s how it all came together.


I’m the only witch with a pushbroom.


Much better angle. I don’t look so pregnant-witch here. I gathered my Macaron rather than those groovy pleats so there is some poofing. Very proud of my French seams on the sheer fabric.


I even did my nails, dahling. Found a use for that blue lacquer that Birchbox sent me. And you know you’re jealous of my spider fascinator. 🙂

Hope that most of you have/had a normal, fun, on-time Halloween. I hope I find someplace else to wear this ensemble!!