Dress #5. Completed 4/14/12


The Fashion Victim dress, aka the Martian Flight Attendant dress.

New Look 6051. Workroom from Project Runway line.

It’s a tunic dress, totally not my style, but for a $3 pattern and probably $4 worth of fabric it’s a fun experiment. I got into this whole sewing thing to be fun and creative and girly, so why not do silly things like this.

It was easy to make, and my sweetie helped make the belt which was slightly cumbersome just because it was long and had to be turned inside out. Even with the pattern’s suggestion of starting from the middle and turning it inside out from both ends, it was still long and skinny and needed to be handled gently. My Lenny somehow got the safety pin to the end and pinned it, and I worked it back through. Good teamwork! 🙂 Making the channel for the belt using wide single fold bias tape was totally easy, and I love the look. The belt really gives the whole thing some sort of shape. My neck facing isn’t perfect, but I love the width of the neck, and my hair pretty much covers the flaws.

Anyway, the dress is odd but it works because it’s short and sexy. I would recommend a silky flowy fabric as opposed to the sort of crepey rayon I used, and killer heels.


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  1. Hiya – I love this dress on you and you’ve got the pins (and shoes!) so why not hey? Good colours too. I have to get on with more dresses – where did I put my courage!! Why do we sew after all but to make pretty stuff for ourselves etc.

    • Definitely make more dresses. You’ll have so much fun. Doesn’t take courage, just a hell of a lot of time. 🙂 You’re so right–why not make pretty things for ourselves. Nice hearing from you. Thanks a bunch.

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