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Sew Bossying Myself In Jungle January


Hooray for our fearless leader and jungle guide, Anne, who not only runs Wearable Wednesday flawlessly every week, is on her second year as the ultimate Jungle goddess, but was also a fabulous Sew Bossy employee. How does she do it all so well?

When I ordered this Butterick 5815 for Ms. Jungle, I guess I liked it so much that I ordered one for me too, plus mayyyybe a few extra yards of this bright and shiny wonderfulness to keep for myself as well. I think it was labeled as crepe de chine, which goes to show you I still don’t know my fabrics, coz to me it’s all slippery and crazy like a charmeuse.

So there’s really not much to say about the construction. It’s an easy pattern, but of course my shoulders are way too poofy, and I’m afraid to mess with them too much because I don’t want to pick the fabric more than I need to. I’m just going to go with my usual I Meant To Do That attitude, and hide the poofiness with my hair. The sleeves on this thing are to die for, all flowy and feminine. I highly recommend this pattern for its ease and loveliness. It can be a top, a tunic, or a dress. Yay versatility.

Okay… pics, coz that’s what Jungle January is allll about! I could whine about it being winter and being stuck with shitty indoor photos, but–oh, I just did. A thousand pardons for the dodgy photo quality. Maybe by some miracle it’ll get above freezing and I’ll get some outdoor shots.

Butterick 5815

Butterick 5815

Of course my beautiful jungle cat/accessory Teddy had to get involved.

Photo Jan 19, 10 09 24 PM

Photo Jan 19, 10 09 34 PM

Photo Jan 19, 10 10 07 PM

And I had to go out on a mini date at Fruity Yogurt so I could actually wear it somewhere

Photo Jan 19, 9 46 51 PM

In its fully jungle-y accessorized state:

Photo Jan 19, 9 45 12 PM

Have a wonderful remainder of Jungle January, and definitely check out Anne’s version of this pattern. Her pics are a zillion times better than mine, and her shoulders infinitely less poofy.

Hugs to all you wild thangs out there!!

Bonus, semi-professional jungle-at-work photo. Wish you could see the purple tights better:

Sewingalong in 2014


Happy New Year, lovelies!

Just a quick note to draw you into my world. There are a few irresistible sewalongs that I’m jumping into and just want to spread the word. Actually there are a lot of great sewalongs, but these are the most Cuckoo-worthy (That’s a compliment, by the way).

Lauren at Rosie Wednesday is hosting a totally groovy shift dress sewalong with this adorable pattern.


Here’s the post:

Now I get to shop my stash for the perfect fabric, and can live out my fantasy of being a Monkees-era goddess. Those girls were the cutest.

Inspiring episode of gorgeousness if you have 25 minutes to spare:

Naturally I’m leaping into Jungle January. Major duh. This is my life!!

A post to whet your respective appetites:

And our intrepid host Anne has ALREADY made something:

I’m still loving these end of year Top 5 lists. I’m not organized enough to make such a compilation, but I may soon do a mega post of my unblogged creations of 2013. I sewed more than I thought this year, including some fun, easy knit frocks highlighted in my last post (shameless plug in case you were too busy baking cookies for Santa to see it). I can tell already that 2014 is going to be a mega year for Sewcialists!

Keep up the beautiful work and please sew along–There’s room for everyone!! And PLEASE feel free to share any cool sewalongs that I in my usual state of obliviousness may have missed!

Happy Sewy New Year