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Photo A Day. End of month catch-up.


Warning–picture heavy post. (And pansy-heavy, as it turns out)

Happy 1st of February. Just realized I’m two weeks behind in posting my life in pics, otherwise known as Photo A Day or #FMSphotoaday on your favorite social media outlet, hosted by the brilliantly named Fat Mum Slim. I finally joined Instagram so please feel free to follow me there. I have already posted my 1 February photo there, and most likely will continue to do so from now on, rather than here on the blog. Depends on which way the wind blows.

I left off with the 15th, An Ordinary Moment, so here’s the rest

Day 16. Two Things.
Lenny and I were greeted at our friends’ house as always by these adorable creatures. I could just eat ’em up!!!


Day 17. Ready
I was ready for some beer. A beer “flight” to be more specific.


Day 18. Shadow
Went for a walk on a relatively mild day, and lucked upon this photo op.


Day 19. Delicious.
My honey’s and my schedules don’t always mesh at dinnertime, but it’s wonderful when it does. Here’s something Lenny whipped up for me–chicken and some aging mashed potatoes coerced into becoming a big potato pancake.

Day 20. Something you saw.
Was happy to see that even in the depths of January my volunteer pansies are trying to hang in there.


I’m skipping Day 21 — What You Do, because I can’t seem to find that photo. Catch-up to the catching-up when I get back to my home and other cameras. I absolutely love what I do, so I can’t wait to share it!

Day 22 Corner
Typical day in the randomness that is life with my boyfriend Lenny. This cymbal was in the corner of his doorway when I got to his house that day.


Day 23. Electric.
A Lenny-taken photo. One of his many trades (besides dealing with musicians who randomly leave cymbals in his doorway) is fixing sound consoles. Here’s something he was working on, along with an electric volt meter.


Day 24. Stripes.
Cool striping of sunlight through slats in the awning.


Day 25. Landscape. Will catch up later…

Day 26. Together.
My cats don’t get along when there are humans to fight over, but they do agree upon tasty bird and squirrel morsels.

Day 27. Sun
Driving along, watching the sun set through a dirty windshield.

Day 28. Through
Looking through the sunroof at the beautiful blue.


Day 29. Grow. (aka Pansy Pic #2)
So jealous of this Cracker Barrel landscaping in Georgia. It’s warm enough for growing pansies, whereas I can’t even think of planting mine at home in New Jersey for about 6 more weeks. Maybe my little volunteer guys will still be holding on when I get home…

Day 30. Down.
Can’t get much more down than South of the Border.


Day 31. Yourself. aka I Could Have Had A V-8!
This is an outtake from my last blog post. Seems like by the time Lenny is ready to snap, I’m readjusting my hair or a crease or a pocket or something. Happens every time.


Whew!! Done with January.

Again, you can also see other and more brilliant photos by hashtagging #FMSphotoaday on Instagram and on Twitter. And don’t forget to follow me. Also please feel free to put your Instagram or Twitter links in the comments so that I and others can follow you too.