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Swingin’ in my Shift


Hey Y’all

Happy almost Super Bowl to us fools in the USA. I have decent numbers in the office football pool so I will be occasionally paying attention between commercials.

I finished my Shift Dress Sewalong creation in a timely manner, I’m happy to say, thanks to Lauren’s amazing tutorials every step of the way, particularly her dart tute. It seems simple, but was impossible for me to visualize. Goodness knows what would have been going on in my midsection without her guidance. I cut a 22-ish, and fudged my own FBA, which seems to have worked out decently. Was happy with my Swedish tracing paper muslin, so I went for it. The fabric is a baby pink and white double knit polyester that I found on the eBay a while back. This was PERFECT for the dress. A little knit give, which is always appreciated, a little bit warm for this wretched never-relenting winter, and a lot easy to work with.

Photo Jan 09, 10 10 34 PM

I’m actually getting ready to start a new project (Renfrew dress, anyone?) out of a — I can’t even say it — solid brown jersey, so I’m going to try to keep the writing portion of this post short and sweet. By the way, I literally can’t make a dress out of a non-print (even this dress had two colors). Everyone send your support, please. I’m telling myself I can accessorize the crap out of it and it’ll all be alright. Plus it’s extra soft and scrumptious. ANYWAY, no more blathering on about construction, just pics, coz let’s be real, that’s what we’re here for…

My honey posed me next to our Block Island sticker. He’s funny that way. We can only dream of the Block right now, but if you ever have the chance, definitely go there. It’s off of Point Judith, Rhode Island, and you can get there from Montauk, Long Island as well.

It was ALMOST warm enough for a top-down ride today. Yeah, my Miata is kind of special-looking. We hit a huge deer going about 75mph a few years ago. Can’t believe this thing is still going strong.

Scenic shot of my parking lot. Time to talk about accessories. I definitely felt like white, especially in the hosiery department. Luckily I was going to visit my friend’s really cool store in Asbury Park, Backward Glances, all kitschy coolness, and she had exactly what I pictured and more. These are white fishnets, y’all! Also, white go-go earrings, which I will wear constantly, and this perfect necklace. Okay, commerical over. 🙂

I tried to tweak this pic to make it less washed-out, but this is the best I could do. I still like the shot so I’m keeping it anyway.
DSC_0769 - Copy

I hope some more of you gals crank out some shifts soon. It was a tremendously fun sewalong, and I can definitely see myself making more in different fabrics and for all seasons. Stay tuned to the Flickr group.

Take care and happy groovy sewing!!