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Completed Shirt Dress for 2-in-1 Sewalong. Simplicity 1880


It was so cool to join along in this sewalong, hosted by the fabulous Sunni over at A Fashionable Stitch. Even more fun for me since I already owned the pattern and did the wrap version as my Dress #7 back in April, and wore it during Me-Made-May’12. That little frock involved some of my more harrowing fitting issues, so it was extra extra cool that I could use that experience to give me a little perspective when cutting the shirt version.

First off, the fabric is this lovely soft rayon that I got in a lot from eBay, which included yards of seersuckers, ginghams, etc. A real fabric score. The pattern I bought goes up to 12, but since I’m a whole few months older and wiser, I knew to alter the pieces to more like a 14. I just cut everything a smidge bigger, and had lots of room. Fab.

Construction was a snap. I really can’t complain. The collar wasn’t nearly as intimidating as I had feared. The inside of the neck could be prettier, but since no one can see that while I’m wearing it I’m not going to sweat it. The collar and little baby lapels really look crisp and sharp. The rayon LOVES that interfacing. Zipper was a breeze. I used an invisible zipper, but since the zipper was such a similar color to the main fabric I didn’t use an invisible zipper foot since I had a little bit of leeway with visibility. The buttons, as mentioned in a previous post, were initially what got me motivated to finally get the actual sewing started, and the button placement was helped infinitely and immensely by Sunni’s tutorial. I didn’t use a simflex, although it does look rather cool. Just found the crucial/critical buttonhole placement and did the math from there. I didn’t do sleeves, just tucked under and topstitched. Partially due to lazyness and partially because I liked the look.

Here are some pics

I couldn’t resist wearing this too-small hat that my adorable boyfriend found for me on a recent trip to California. I thought if I cocked it jauntily enough, it might look like I’m dressed that way on purpose. Unfortunately this pic was taken late by a tired boyfriend and the hat wasn’t jaunty at all. I like the living room shot, though, with the ever-growing fabric stash in my Ikea shelving unit. Plus, those BCBG shoes had just arrived in the mail and I adore them with this dress.

The following two were timer-taken this morning, in time for the Flickr reveal. One with belt and one without. Still in the air about the belt thing. As I mentioned on Flickr I was thinking red belt, but thought the shoes, buttons, lips, and purse (unpictured, but the perfect shade of red) would be enough. The dress seems to look okay without a belt, which is pretty cool. I like that versatility.

I still wasn’t in love with the photographs of this dress, so I made my man take some more this afternoon. I know, I’m awful. But I wanted some with New Birthday Hat, so it had to be done!

Final photo, with my mushy love, who gets sorely neglected these days.

Hope everyone has/had fun with all this sewing-along. Tomorrow it’s supposed to only get into the 70s here in New Jersey, so I may dig out my wrap version for a Wearalong. See you on Flickr!!


Sneak peak of shirt dress



Couldn’t wait until the REAL photographer gets here to show off my 2-in-1 Sewalong dress. Especially since Teddy cat is so darn needy and cute. Can’t wait for the shirt and wrap unveilings in the next few days. The ones posted so far on Flickr are disgustingly gorgeous already.

Lordy Lordy Cuckoo’s 40



Happy Birthday to me and Camilla Parker Bowles. I can only aspire to her fascinator-wearing greatness. 🙂 Peace and love to you all!! I feel blessed.

Retail therapy at Goorin Brothers on Newbury Street in Boston last month. Love the color on this one.

Also on Newbury Street after purchasing said hat.


Slightly askew brand new BIG red sun hat after putting on the camera… Just got this one for my birthday. You will see it again.

P.S. Just got home to a present from myself in the mail. My Macaron pattern for next month’s Colette 2.0 sewalong. Yea!

What makes everything better?



Why, Red Buttons of course.

I was being so lazy with my 2-in-1 Sewalong dress until I looked in my notions tin and saw these sweet red buttons. Two evenings later I’m in the home stretch, pleased as punch with the collar and everything else.


Wow, that repeat is intense. Hope I don’t blind anyone.

Can’t wait to see all the wraps and shirts next week!!

Happy 5 months of sewing bliss/agony/whatever to me!!



Just a quick summary of my final Hazel. I am loving the creations over at the Flickr group. You all are SO amazing. It truly is a versatile pattern, really fun for fabric experimentation, and everyone has really embraced that.

Hazel Muzz is still inexplicably one of my favorite dresses these days, even though it’s the ultimate hot mess. I’m so glad I was a good girl and actually made a muslin, because I would have hated to see this gingham all funky like my muslin fabric ended up. For this final version I cut a 14 instead of a 16, which helped immensely, and was way more careful with dart placement.

Sorry about Attack of the Boobs here. Just really excited about how the darts turned out.

I probably cut a 12 or less in the skirt, so there wasn’t quite the excess that I fought with when I originally constructed the muslin. I was also much more methodical with zipper placement, and how the whole back, zipper, and skirt came together, which was such a nice experience after literally crying over the muslin at this stage. I also bothered to go to the Colette website to the great invisible zipper tutorial , and bothered to figure out how the invisible zipper foot I bought actually attaches to my sewing machine. Another valuable learning experience (aka DUH). It was easy and turned out lovely.

So here are some photos. My boyfriend was deathly ill when he took these (Lenny is such a trooper!!), AND temps were well into the 90s, so not as much frivolity as I would have liked for such a light and fun garment. Maybe we’ll get crazy when it’s Macaron time.

I love it with the Goorin Brothers hat!!

Bit of Ta Daaaaaaa for ya

Honey, are my bra straps showing??

Spotted Spark


Here’s my little contribution to the Summer Spark Sew-Along, New Look 6048 in cotton. Normally I wouldn’t think of black for a summer creation, but polka dots make everything cooler. The main fabric was from Walmart, and the pink contrast band is a cloth napkin that was in my stash. Love it.

The dress was easy to put together, and the instructions were very clear. This may have been one of the first times I really took the time and care to understitch correctly because New Look’s description seemed easier to follow for me than some previous Simplicitys, Vogues, etc. Or maybe things are just finally clicking. The pleats are adorable and super easy too, and I LOVE the pockets. I did make it a little big because unfortunately that’s how I’ve been rolling lately, cutting too large out of fear of not giving the girls enough room, but I’m inching ever closer to that happy sizing medium.

What’s summer without running through the sprinklers? These may be a little intense though. They’re for the building where I work.


More sparky polka-dotted fun, Boston style. Just got back from a weekend with some childhood friends, where we were fortunate enough to catch a disco cover band playing for the Harborfest celebrations. As I said on Flickr, I’m not drunk, except maybe on Donna Summer grooves. We love dresses that pass the dancing test!


Another pic, from the debut wearing of this dress last week. My friend was so taken by the pink that she felt compelled to put pink impatiens in my hair (“We can’t wait to be in your hair”–sorry, bad impatien joke). We put enough hairspray in it that it held up to two top-down rides and dancing to my boyfriend’s band at a local restaurant. Yea, Aqua Net!


Bonus shot with full accessorization. Polka dotted sunglasses and obscenely awesome Steve Madden hat.


Thanks ever so much to Ali, Sarah, and Alessa for hosting the sewalong!!