Hey all.
I’m just a budding seamstress in New Jersey having way too much fun making dresses and such. I would love to hear from anyone who shares my obsession, and I hope to actually update this blog on a regular basis. Let’s go sew!
I can be reached at shelley57 at Yahoo,
@shel_shel_shel on Twitter, shelshel on Flickr, and shelleyhesson on Instagram.



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    • Thanks so much, Kerri. This has been such a rewarding hobby, and the bonus has been communicating with the wonderful people in the sewing community like yourself. I really appreciate your feedback.

  1. Dear Ms. Cuckoo, I have just found you and would like to congratulate you on your devine handiwork and your very creative journalism! I am quite impressed. I adore your sweet creations and fancy photography as well. Your backdrops are almost as beeautiful as you and your dresses! I have just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to your updates….as one artist to another, you are an inspiration! Keep creating:-) Sincerely CC

  2. Love your photos and projects! nice work. I found your comments on Simplicity 1783 (blouse pattern with a giant front pleat) and like you, I was just about to jump into it when I found the not so hot review online. Whew. Nearly escaped that one. I am half considering making it out of a really light silk or rayon, but I suspect it might still have a giant blob like front. I have moved on to simplicity 1692, which looks sort of similar but has a better shape (for me). I have a repair sewing business in montana but sometimes sew for myself. Mostly I spend my time repairing zippers on outdoor gear like tents and packs and ski jackets. Thanks again for your blog!

    • Ahhh, we can all thank Anne for warning us about the Pleat of Doom. I did end up making 1783 sometime in the fall out of a very light charmeuse with a print that I adore, and I ended up really liking it. The sleeves are cool, and it’s such a nice, easy, breezy top. It’s almost warm enough to start wearing again. Yay. I plan on writing a post summarizing a bunch of previously-unblogged tops soon, so stay tuned and thanks so much for stopping by!!

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