Sewingalong in 2014


Happy New Year, lovelies!

Just a quick note to draw you into my world. There are a few irresistible sewalongs that I’m jumping into and just want to spread the word. Actually there are a lot of great sewalongs, but these are the most Cuckoo-worthy (That’s a compliment, by the way).

Lauren at Rosie Wednesday is hosting a totally groovy shift dress sewalong with this adorable pattern.


Here’s the post:

Now I get to shop my stash for the perfect fabric, and can live out my fantasy of being a Monkees-era goddess. Those girls were the cutest.

Inspiring episode of gorgeousness if you have 25 minutes to spare:

Naturally I’m leaping into Jungle January. Major duh. This is my life!!

A post to whet your respective appetites:

And our intrepid host Anne has ALREADY made something:

I’m still loving these end of year Top 5 lists. I’m not organized enough to make such a compilation, but I may soon do a mega post of my unblogged creations of 2013. I sewed more than I thought this year, including some fun, easy knit frocks highlighted in my last post (shameless plug in case you were too busy baking cookies for Santa to see it). I can tell already that 2014 is going to be a mega year for Sewcialists!

Keep up the beautiful work and please sew along–There’s room for everyone!! And PLEASE feel free to share any cool sewalongs that I in my usual state of obliviousness may have missed!

Happy Sewy New Year


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  1. I have the pattern and a mountain of fabrics in my stash – and enough cold weather to make me dream of summer days. I’m doing this groovy sew-along. Thanks for the heads up. Oh…and happy New Year.

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