Creative Kindness Beret


The bad news is that my latest dress isn’t going to be on any runway anytime soon. It’s almost like I’m getting worse at fitting, not better. See update under Dress #7. But setbacks are to be expected when you’re a baby seamstress. I just need patience. What’s that? I dunno. But I’m trying to find it.

The good news is I finally got to make a gift yesterday that I’ve been waiting for the right time to give. I have a dear friend starting chemotherapy, and she was told that she WILL lose her hair. I wanted to do something special and unique (like her) to show her that we’re rooting for her, and fortunately I found this website Brimming With Love. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has many free and purchasable patterns to make your loved ones something beautiful and functional during the shit sandwich that is chemotherapy. I made the Creative Kindness Beret, which was very easy, out of some totally groovy pink polar fleece with horses on it that I found on eBay. Suited her to a T. The horse on the fabric even looks like her horse. 🙂

I popped it on to make sure the thing would actually fit a human head.


And to keep it clean and portable, I made a little lined bag out of the same fabric.



I won’t go into the emotional Rest of the Story, as Paul Harvey would say, but it turns out that the timing was perfect and the gift was appreciated. Who could have known that sewing would bring out not only a creative side I never had before, but an urge to give that I DEFINITELY never had before.

Go make someone feel cute today. 😉

And make it out of something really silly like piggie fabric.


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