Wrap, Mama, Wrap


I’ve been wanting to make a real DVF-wannabe wrap forEVer, but just never have yet. I’ve made a few fauxs that I quite like, and a crapola one a couple of years ago that I hated (A broadcloth wrap. Really? I was too much of a newbie to know to stop when I realized it wasn’t knit! And had ugly built-in pleats!).

Only problem with the fauxs is that if you don’t sew the bodice well, you are forever stuck with a possibly permanent peek-a-boo neckline.


Whoopsy. Good thing this was vacation and not the office.

So anyway, now you can’t throw a rock without hitting a blogoddess in a wrap dress, especially in light of its 40th anniversary and its prominence in the movie “American Hustle”; but they’re all so beautiful and flattering. And with a tied wrap you can go from mega modest to full Amy Adams. Love it.

I finally paired a REAL knit wrap dress pattern, Vogue 8379, with some appropriate fabric (yet another onion skin knit–I must have hit that fabric.com sale HARD) and realized there were no instructions. I’m sure I lost them since I have a bad habit of taking pattern instructions to bed (which is really stupid because it just makes me excited and I can’t sleep). It was super easy to put together sans instructions, especially when I took a cue from the beautiful Aleah from no time to sew and left off the collar.

When I finished this happy little garment it was of course still mid-winter and required much layering. It was meant to be a second Jungle January garment, but unfortunately I am in New Jersey and not a nice sultry jungle.

Meh. Wrap with turtleneck not hot.

It took a few months to get to wear it outside, at a lake in Pennsylvania with my new best friend, my tripod. This was March 23 mind you. Looks like January for crying out loud!

DSC_0996 - Copy

Passes the modesty test:
DSC_0987 - Copy

DSC_0998 - Copy

DSC_0993 - Copy

I have no idea what this pose is. Just having too much tripod fun I imagine.

Here’s a little Band for ya, but you can sing Wrap Mama Wrap instead of Rag Mama Rag. Levon would have been fine with that I’m sure.

Peace, love, and much happy spring sewing!! And make a wrap dress. You’ll like it. It’s good for you.


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  1. I love, love, love your wrap dress. Amazing colour on you and great fit. And yes, the potential of showing too much has kept me from making one. I mean I teach grade 7 – those kids will tell you in no uncertain terms if anything shows too much. (Of course they never seem to see dress code violations in their own age group, but if I wore something too revealing?!!) I may pick this pattern up for the summer and test that it stays put as well as yours does.

    • Definitely give it a try. It stays in place beautifully. Perhaps more slippery knits (like ITYs) wouldn’t be as trustworthy, so choose carefully and make yourself a wrap. It would be lovely on you!

    • They’re such a no-brainer. I literally throw this on in the morning, yet it looks like I dressed up. That’s the best. Hope your wedding plans are going well. So exciting.

  2. Hi Shelley! Wow, yes we all need a wrap dress like yours..I know I do! You look great in it and I´m loving all your poses… I miss my tripod! It lost a piece, just a tiny little one…but it is the one that holds the camara and apparently they don´t sell that piece separately. So I use my kids instead 🙂

    • Your kids are brilliant photographers. And adorable subjects also. 🙂 My boyfriend is feeling like he’s been replaced by the tripod, but I assured him I would keep him busy during Me-Made-May. If you don’t have a wrap you absolutely need one. I’m sure you have some fabric in your stash that would make a stunning wrap.

  3. What a beautiful dress! I too have always wanted a wrap dress, but now both you & Amy Adams have one, I am determined to make one!

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