How Could Cuckoo Not Make a Coco. Or Five.


Anyone know of a Coco intervention group?  Clearly I have a problem.  But you all keep making such incredible versions!!  I had to buy it and try it. 

It started with a sort of wearable muslin, with some previously-uninspiring periwinkle jersey knit.  I opted for the funnel neck, which I adore. Ended up loving it so much that I wore it to work the next day, still only basted at the side seams and defiantly unhemmed.


Love that fancy neck!!


I promise I pressed this before the shoot.  The sleeves buckled under the stress of trying to get the tripod set up and find an okay spot on the patio.  Scenic, huh?

I instantly made a second dress, in the open neck version, out of a ponte knit from the wonderful Fabric Mart, and took advantage of a FREEZING but beautiful spring day down the Jersey Shore. 


I have INSANE eyes in this, but I love how my hair and dress look.  On a day this windy, you take what you can get!!


Oh yeah, and I ran into Elvis. 


Somewhere in the middle of this dress-fest, I decided to make a top, out of this fabulous fox fabric from Girl Charlee.  I had already ordered the fabric before discovering this post by the adorable College Seamstress (, but I blatantly stole the idea of what to do with said fabric from Elizabeth, with her kind permission of course.  I only ordered a yard for some reason, so I had to improvise with red sleeves.  I love the look and how well the red matches, but it does look pajama-y.  Not that that will stop me from wearing it anywhere and everywhere.Image

I also am in the process of making a cute white (yes, WHITE.  Ahhh) Coco top for the summer, but it’s only basted and not photo-worthy, and this post is already picture-heavy enough.  Plus, I still have ONE MORE dress to document.

This awesome psychedelic print from Girl Charlee was so cute I couldn’t decide whether to buy it in black or blue so I bought both.  They’re almost identical.  I mean, truly.  There was no reason to buy both but I did anyway.  I’m calling it my Mad Men spectating dress since I didn’t get anything made in time for Julia Bobbin’s third annual Mad Men extravaganza.  I’m wearing it while drinking martinis and looking at your Mad Men Makes.

Speaking of martinis, here’s me immediately after making this puppy, makin dranks for my honey. 


Today was decidedly less windy and cruel, so we went a’ridin’ in the new make.  I’m going to pose like this always from now on, because it makes me look thin.


Green legs rule.



Ahh, sunshine!!!!

Thanks for indulging me in this Coco photo fest.  I just love being one of the poster children.  And thanks as always for reading, commenting, etc. 

Major sewing hugs


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