Hello lovelies,

I finally finished my poor neglected Colette Anise jacket just in time for (I HOPE) the last cold day of the year yesterday, and I must celebrate! Also, I want to continue blogiversary celebrations, AND I’m just plain giddy that I’m working on my favorite thing I’ve ever made ever. It’s so silly and simple, but it makes me dance, and I hope to finish it soon. I’m saving it for Me-Made-May though.

Anise is a gorgeous jacket and, although time-consuming, not a difficult pattern to follow, especially when you refer to Sarai’s sewalong posts and/or buy the Anise Companion, which has tons of photos and tips. She warns in the instructions that a jacket isn’t an instant gratification garment, and man, she wasn’t kidding.

I think I cut the (million) pieces back in October or so. Here is documentation of the carnage.


Then I had kind of a sewing and blogging slump over the autumn, then the weather just wasn’t right, plus I always seem to have a sewalong project due. At one point I got as far as the sleeves and that didn’t go so well. I thought I had lost my normally-intact setting mojo, but it turns out that I was putting the sleeves on the wrong sides, so I quit again for a while in disgust. The almost-jacket just hung there looking at me for another while. Then we didn’t have a March or April that acted like March or April. Et freakin’ cetera. I love the fabric (velveteen from beloved Fabric Mart), I love the pattern, but it simply didn’t get made for a long time.

I finally got the lining fully constructed and wanted to wear it for the perfect low-40s/high-50s day on Tuesday, but then the dreaded hand-sewing was called upon. Guess what? Inspired by Sunni’s love of fusible web, I pretty much just used Steam-A-Seam to finish the hem and all of the lining attachments and hems (except the sleeve hems, so right now the sleeves are eating my hands). This thing is fused within an inch of its life. It will get hand-sewn when I bloody well feel like it, but for now it looks really neat and clean and no one needs to be the wiser. Except all of y’all.

These pics are crappy because it was approaching evening and iPhone pics in low light aren’t necessarily stellar.


Just a peek

Just a peek–And yes, I’m blocking the garage

This is like the fifth thing in which I've used blue lining.

This is like the fifth thing in which I’ve used blue lining.


I WILL eventually put the buttons on

I WILL eventually put the buttons on

With a little attitude...So it's NOT totally finished.  Deal with it! :)

With a little attitude…So it’s NOT totally finished. Deal with it! 🙂

Anyone else have a similar experience with a WIP/UFO that there wasn’t anything incredibly wrong with, but it just kept falling down the queue? We fickle sewists.

Okay, on to the official celebration. A Giveaway!!! Gotta pass along some of the fun tools that have been helping me lately.

I meant to mention the wonder of Wonder Clips in my Mad Men post, because they are HEAVEN when working with picky stuff like charmeuse (and I assume silks, satins, etc) that you don’t want to stick too many pins in. I just got them a few weeks ago, but I use them a ton. In many cases, you don’t have to use pins to hold your seam-in-progress together at all, no matter what fabric you’re sewing.

As I was doing my Wonder Clip shopping, I noticed that there are also jumbo Wonder Clips, that have some kind of seam gauge marking on them. Don’t ask me how that works. Look it up.


If you already have Wonder Clips or just aren’t bothered, how about a roll of Steam-A-Seam so you can be a hem and zipper wizard like Sunni?

So if you want to win, please specify in the comments whether you want the 50 regular Wonder Clips, the 24 jumbo Wonder Clips, or the Steam-A-Seam. Let’s make the deadline Cinco de Mayo, which is a week from Sunday I believe, when we’ll all be well into our Me-Made-May routines.
I have no idea how I’m going to pick the winners. You’re just going to have to trust me. Please have a website or email address clickable or otherwise available in your comment.

Gotta go. Computer is dying!! Be well!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Your Anise is stunning and I love the attitude in the last photo; buttons, schmuttons. Who needs em?!
    I’d love the mini clips as I’m intrigued by them. I currently making a silk dress and even with special silk pins the charmeuse still marks, but at least it’s in the seam allowance!

  2. I hear ya! I have some adjustments in mind for my Minoru but somehow I never find it at the top of the queue! I am pretty new to your blog, but I would love to enter for the steam-a-seam! Sunni does indeed have me itching to try it out 🙂

  3. Love the Anise, I am considering making one and am now completely inspired, I was going to do a plain one but your patterned fabric is gorgeous, especially with that bright blue lining!
    I would love the mini clips!

  4. Amazing jacket! I was thinking as I read ‘I’m going to have to try that steam-a-seam’ it looks so beautifully and neatly finished. So I’m definitely in for the steam-a-seam giveaway!
    Happy anise-versary and congratulations on a beautiful jacket!

  5. Gorgeous anise! Well done. Those clips sound amazing – why haven’t I heard of them before. Think I’ll go the big – the seam allowance sounds intriguing?

  6. Oh that is a fun fabric. I have been very curious about Colette patterns and this is such a cute jacket! Congrats. How would you rate the quality of the pattern drafting? As for buttons, maybe you could put some snaps on instead so it will whip together faster rather than all those button holes (eka!)? Enjoy wearing your lovely creation for as long as you can before the heat sets in!

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond. I give the pattern an A++ in terms of drafting. Maybe because it’s a jacket and not as picky as a more form-fitting garment, but it went together beautifully and fits great. I love the length of the jacket, the sleeve length, the collar, just everything. Thanks for the snaps idea, but my machine is super quick and idiot-proof when it comes to buttonholes and buttons, so I’ll just do it properly when I’m back in jacket mode.

      • I wish my machine was idiot proof! Mine sews the return side of the buttonhole looser than the first side, to the point that its almost basting. So I~ve been avoiding buttons. I plan to learn bound buttonhole soon just to get around my silly Elgin.
        I have also downloaded the free colette pattern Sorbetto so I will give it a spin. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Congratulations for (nearly) finishing your anise jacket – I always find it very hard to pick up something started a long time ago 🙂
    I’ve never tried the wonder clips, so would be thrilled if I one the mini ones!

  8. I also have an anise that I started last year, sitting in a box waiting to be finished. Love yours, especially that blue lining – gorgeous colour. You may just have inspired me to go and find my jacket to finish. I would love either the regular or the jumbo clips – I’d be really interested to try either.

  9. So pretty! Is that velveteen? I absolutely love that you’re wearing it with pride even though it’s not completely finished. You kill me!

    I’d love to try out those regular-sized Wonder Clips – I keep hearing such great things about them. Such a great giveaway idea – Happy Blogiversary!

  10. Your jacket looks great and I love the blue lining! And honestly I think buttons on jackets are overrated – all I do is fidget and button and unbutton them constantly. And to think part of it is just held together with the steam-a-seam! I’ve never heard of any of these wonderful objects you’re giving away, but the clips seem perfect because I do usually just stick pins in my delicate fabric and pray it doesn’t rip. I’m going to be starting a jacket soon-ish so thanks for warning me that it takes months! Hopefully mine turns out as good as yours!

    • It really doesn’t have to take months. I think if you follow the tutorials and/or the Anise Companion you could feasibly do it in 8 days (once you’ve cut all those pieces 🙂 ). I just kept losing steam.

  11. I love the fabric on your Anise. It looks beautiful on you!Bravo! I love all the items you have in your contest but since I have the clips (an excellent sewing notion I discovered them on Amazon and I’ve enver looked back….) I’d like the steam-a-seam please.

  12. I want your Anise! I hear you with the periodic abandonment of worthwhile projects for no good reason. An adorable linen 40s sailor dress, partway together, mocks me on the shelf above my sewing machine. And then there’s the quilt I made TWO YEARS AGO with just the last half side of the binding to be hand sewed. Oh no, I keep thinking of more. I do love me some steam a seam– I think I first heard about it to hem knits from handmade jane.

  13. lovely, lovely fabric! it works great with this pattern! Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to attempt a jacket… maybe. I would love to win any of your fabulous giveaway prizes, they all look intriguing. I’ll about increasing my efficiency and making things easier when sewing!

  14. I also have a jacket in the queue. I blogged about it a couple of months ago I think and I have yet to put in the sleeve lining. I have to cut out the lining and the sleeve has pleats, so I’m kind of dreading that. And I have one more edge to neaten. That’s it. Soon it will be too warm to wear.
    So congrats on finishing your anise (sans buttons)! It looks great. and happy blogiversary,
    I am intrigued by those little clips…

  15. I love your Anise! The velveteen is perfect for it! I keep wanting to make an Anise, but the amount of effort keeps putting me off and I’m sure I’d abandon it halfway (especially as it gets warmer!) Congratulations on finishing it, and it looks fantastic!

  16. What a great project, and the fabric is so nice!
    Those clips looks really interesting too, what a great idea! I would love to be included in your competition, any of the three prizes would be greatly appreciated, but like I said, the little clips do seem very appealing 😀

  17. Gorgeous jacket! I have sometimes left projects half finished for years – now & then they get finished, mostly I reuse the fabric. I’m impressed you finished your. It was worth it.

  18. You look smashing! I have all the fabric and pattern ready to go, just haven’t tackled it yet- it is just a tad intimidating for me… I will get to it!! Fab job! xoxo

  19. Hi Shelley, Just wanted to let you know that you have won the Lisette pattern I was giving away on my blog! I couldn’t find your email address to let you know! Please could you send me a quick email with your postal address and I’ll get that pattern on it’s way to you!

    • Yay! Embrace the carnage. Love it! I can’t believe how much I’m wearing this jacket. It’s a good weight, especially since May has been a little chilly. I won’t miss the cold weather, but I will sorta miss the Anise until autumn.

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