My Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made, Ever


How’s Me-Made-May going, everyone? I for one am exhausted checking out the Flickr group constantly, but it’s SO amazing.

Down to business. I loved the first pair of Colette Clovers I made in January. Got the fit down pretty well. It was wonderful having a reliable pair of black slacks to wear this winter, and I’ve been dying to jazz things up and make more. I found this fabulous cotton/lycra floral in Mood at the meetup in March, and that stuff was destined to be my new pants.

By the way, this is how I fit Clovers. I cut them big enough for my waist size and then keep chopping the side seams in until they fit my hips (which are non-existent but that’s fine with me). I doubt this works for every pant pattern, but with Clovers it’s a dream. The butt fits wonderfully and the crotch doesn’t do anything absurd or uncooperative.

And speaking of crotch, I was really concerned that this insane print would lead to pattern placement nightmare, but it miraculously worked out. No crotch flower here.

Pics! Totally silliness ahead. The pants are a bit wrinkly after a long day’s work but these shots will have to do.

These pants make me want to dance! 20130514-180137.jpg
And jump. (This was taken either before or after the jump. It obviously wasn’t timed well, but is too funny not to post.)
I tried to take this with the timer app I just downloaded, for moments when my babe is too busy. It’s a little fuzzy, but I like the pic anyway.
Finally pried my baby away from the Miata engine for more pics. 20130514-180830.jpg

Here I am on an educational mission. Yesterday was the birthday of the inventor of the Pap smear and savior of your cervix, Dr. George Papanicolaou. I’ve been a cytotechnologist for almost 19 years, so I appreciate the man not only for saving lives, but for the great profession his research has given me. It turns out that he passed away in New Jersey about 25 minutes from here, so off we went in the Miata and new Clovers to investigate.


Even more business, almost as exciting as a pair of floral Clovers–My giveaway. Here’s my lovely assistant, Lenny, pulling the winners out of his Morris County Police Pipes and Drums cup.

And the winner of the Steam-A-Seam is

The winner of the regular Wonder Clips is Vicki Kate, and the Jumbo Clips go to Kristin!!! 20130514-195633.jpg
Congrats all!! I think I have your direct contact info, but if you read this and haven’t heard from me yet, feel free to shout here in comments or shelley57 at Yahoo. Thanks!!


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  1. No wonder they are your favourite pants. They are TOPS! What an inspired choice to make up this material to pants. I love the whole outfit with the pink top. Yay! I must try that clover pattern.

  2. Your pants are so fun and they look fantastic! I can’t believe they turned out so well (as they’re on my too-scary-to-try list) but I’m so glad you love them! The flickr group is amazing but since I’ve been slacking I haven’t been on as much – but there’s just so much talent out there! It’s pretty incredible. And yayyy for winning the clips! Sent you an email with my info – can’t wait to try them out! 🙂

    • Thanks, and Clovers are the opposite of scary. Really nice instructions, well-drafted, you can make full-length or cropped/capri. Just do it.
      Will hopefully get your goodies to you in the mail tomorrow!

    • Thanks, Catja!! I will be wearing the crap out of them this summer, fall, winter, and next spring. Good thing they have every color in them, so I can wear them with infinite tops.

    • Thank you!! They may be the only pants I ever make because I’m so happy with the fit. 🙂 I did buy a Craftsy class pants class, so maybe I’ll learn something there. Or just keep making Clovers. 🙂

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