Happy April, everyone! How are you? I’m several garments behind on blogging. Here’s my take on the cowlly view of the notorious Renfrew, which I completed sometime in January. I can’t seem to get a good photo of me in this, so I give up. I’m hoping that this is one of the last days that it’s cold enough to necessitate this warm of a top, so I’m capturing it while it’s on my body.

Renfrew is as awesome as everyone says. Zero construction problems, and it’s cool how the cowl comes together so easily. Don’t let the pics fool you–it’s a lovely top. I chose this light pink out of my knit stash because it goes with quite a few of my skirts, including this one, the first garment I ever made, back when my only goal was to make faux Lilly stuff. Looks good with jeans too. Will definitely be making the other views soon. I like the idea of making my own tshirts in whatever colors/prints grab me.



The weird shadows aren’t doing me any favors.

Here I am in the ol’ cubicle, with my trusty maps and Crewe Alexandra Football Club bear in the background. Any Crewe fans out there?

In other news, I’m psyched about all things Tilly. Finally downloaded Mathilde the other day, and downloaded Miette as soon as it came out yesterday. Also, her appearance on the Great British Sewing Bee starts this very eve. I’m a sucker for British TV and, admittedly, reality competition shows, so there couldn’t be a more perfect program for me. Go, Tilly!

In social news, there is a Google+ community forming as a central location for NYC area sewists to arrange meetups. We formed the group basically using the email list from the recent Mood meetup, but by no means is that list inclusive. If you live within reasonable distance of New York and would like to be kept up on events, the site is:

Fleur Hoare was kind enough to set this up and even kinder still to make me a moderator, so if you would like to join, either of us could help you. I’m brand-brand new to this, so I’m not 100% sure how joining works, but I will definitely send you an invite if you’re interested (please have a Google+ account). Also feel free to pass the info along to any Tri-Staters that you know. We literally just started this yesterday, so I’m sure it will evolve and hopefully grow into a wonderful social resource, for locals and for visitors.

So much to chat about–How about Me-Made-May 2013!! The lovely and talented Zoe is hosting again, and I can’t wait. My photographer has a day job now so I don’t know how I’m going to document the duds, but I had such a blast with it last year that I simply must. And I want to see your bright and shining faces on your blogs and Flickr as well. If anyone thinks she can’t do this, forget that attitude right now. I had been sewing less than three months when I did Me-Made-May ’12, and I think the experience really helped inspire me to create, plus it’s a great way to make new friends. Jump on in–the water’s fine.

My imaginary sewing queue is out of control. Anyone else going through this? If I actually listed all of the garments I would like to make in the near future, I think it would scare me. One thing at a time…

Still waiting for spring,

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  1. OK, so many comments! Love the baby pink Renfrew — your pics are totally fine! I have a Renfrew in the pipeline for this week, so it’s good to have some inspiration. I completely cannot decide which view to make!

    Also, I too am majorly jealous of the Sewing Bee (Tilly rules — can’t wait to see your Miette!) Are you planning to watch it? If so, how? Is there a way we Americans can watch?

  2. My imaginary sewing queue is also out of control. I am trying to reign it in and stick with the plan, which unlike you (opposite seasons and all that) involves warm stuff! Love your cosy cowl Renfrew!

  3. Hi! Love your renfrew, I read such great review I think I should give it a go…once my imaginary sewing queue-chaos gets somehow sorted…in ten years time perhaps? You look very spring-y. Love your skirt!

  4. Those things-I-wanna-sew lists seem to be the kiss of death for me… Anything that gets put on a list like that somehow *never* gets made! I love that color pink on you!

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