The Flying Alma


As the temps here on the east coast continue to almost ease up to normal, and there are more than four hours of daylight per day, I can start to wear and photograph the blouses I made back in the fall. The other day was Renfrew, and today is my beloved Alma, which I finished back in October. It is made out of some kind of polyester crepe from Fabric Mart, and the collar and cuffs are in a similar crepey material that came in a mystery bundle. This blouse is a combination of views B and C, so it has long sleeves and cuffs plus the Peter Pan collar. I cut the biggest size (16 or 18) and didn’t have to make any adjustments. Amen. Darts sit perfectly, length is awesome, side zip is nice. The only hiccup I had during actual construction was the cuffs, but I think that’s only because I’d never done them before. For some reason I just could not figure out how to fold them–or something. It’s been so long I don’t remember the exact problem, but if you’re a beginner, just take your time with this step. The only other problem is that the collar doesn’t want to lie flat on one side, but I pressed it a bit last night after just hiding it with my hair for all of these months, and it actually did okay today. That crispy crepe is totally picky, and you have to cut those collar pieces perfectly. Plus using a white contrast really shows every flaw. This blouse in one fabric, maybe a nice voile or challis (April Challis month anyone?) or anything but what I used would be a SNAP. But I’m really happy I made it in this exact fabric combination, because I adore it
even if it does make me look a bit like Sister Bertrille from the Flying Nun.
All I need is that funky hat, and you know I love hats.

Few more shots …
Sa-weet semi-visible side zip
Making sure the collar is minding
Awkward pose #73
Happy Sewing, and happy flying!
Love, Shel 20130404-181313.jpg

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