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Is It Just Me?


Just wondering if I’m the only one who loves this pattern in the new summer Vogue collection. 


Link here: http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v9112-products-49850.php?page_id=174

Love to all.  I’m making stuff and hoping to share my goodies during some current sewalongs.  We shall see…  



Weddings and Funerals


Hey all.  Having fun in 2015 yet?

2014 was definitely not my best year, but I’m moving forward and hoping to get some inspiration in all facets of my life.  I did, interestingly enough, attend exactly four weddings and a funeral in 2014, and wore the same dress to the first three weddings and the same dress to the last wedding and the funeral.  When I like a me-made, I REALLY like a me-made.  Plus the no overlap of wedding attendees helped.  Posting pics just for documentation.  As sewing blog photos go, they utterly suck.  Here’s a full-length view of the beloved dress, McCalls 6559, stitched sometime during Me-Made-May 2014.  I can’t recommend this pattern highly enough.  Super easy, and the funner the print, the better!!  It’s made of an ITY knit and I just adore it, obviously.


Here’s me with my mother-in-law (brief rundown–I’m not married, but my boyfriend’s family have married me so there you go.  Keeps it simple.) at wedding #1 in New Jersey


And wedding #2 in Ohio, with the beautiful brides.

IMG_1677 IMG_1676

Third wedding, in West Virginia, Lenny-less as in #2, so still stuck with selfies.  The bride has only been my friend for 40 years, and we managed not to get a photo together.  Utter fail!

IMG_1736 I do love this shot, and it has annoyingly been my Facebook profile picture since June.  Sorry for the lack of variety, FB friends.

Wedding 4 was in late September back here in New Jersey, and I couldn’t get away with the maxi again because it was a family wedding and way too many people saw it in May.  The wedding photographer caught this sweet moment, and as much as I hate this angle (Could I BE any wider?), it’s a nice shot of the boy and myself, with my beautiful angelic friend (and mother of the groom) Pam smiling in the background.


The dress is my other favorite pattern, the full-wrap Vogue 8379.  I will be making at least a few more of these before the end of winter/spring.

Dudettes, seriously, if you enjoy easy knits but somehow don’t have these patterns, your life is not complete.  Use my handy links and order them next time there’s a BMV sale.

Let’s end with the weddings, shall we?  I try to avoid the maudlin in my social media.  I’ll just say that it’s been kind of an awful couple of months, and I’ve already had a funeral in 2015.

Moving forward.

I’ll be bahhhhhhk, sooner than later.  Maybe with a belated Jungle, uh, February frock.  Thanks to my new followers who are keeping the sewing faith even though I haven’t posted in ages.  You are so very appreciated, along with the lovelies who have checked in on me (You know who you are, Nothy 😉 )  and my extraordinarily crafty Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook friends.


I made a Vogue 1250! And other palate cleansers


After realizing during Me-Made-May’13 that I sort of have enough clothes (how annoyingly practical of me), not to mention having been given a huge pile of castoffs from a dear friend while on my Ohio road trip, I’m pretty set wardrobewise. Doesn’t mean I’m quitting sewing or that my imaginary queue isn’t ridiculous, but I simply haven’t been motivated to crank stuff out unless it’s easy or I’m just drooling over a fabric or pattern. At some point perhaps I’ll have an epiphany and want to improve my skills and/or actually participate in the Craftsy classes I keep purchasing, but for now something has to really grab me.

Enter Vogue 1250, which seems to have conquered the sewing world a few years back. It really is the whole package–gorgeous, easy, and flattering. Yay! Came together in one evening, and that was totally taking my time and fiddling endlessly with steps that an experienced sewist wouldn’t blink at. I made it out of an “onion skin” knit from Fabric.com, from the same sale as the fabric used in last post’s Vogue 8685. Such a cool material, not as frighteningly immodestly sheer as it may initially look. It felt refreshing on a disgusting, stifling wait for the subway in New York.

Sweaty subterranean me.

Did I mention it’s flattering? I am nowhere near fighting weight, nor am I trying to be (going through some hedonistic early-40s eating frenzy), but I felt kinda seksi in this thing.


Here is a more recent shot, from a cruise on the Seine with one of my besties. LOVE the crew on our boat, the MS Bizet.


While I’m talking about easy knits to make you cute and happy, I highly recommend McCalls 6559, which, along with the “perfect knit dress” McCalls 5974, YOU SHOULD JUST HAVE ALREADY. I’m so glad that I finally stopped resisting the maxi dress thing, because this is mega fun and comfortable. I made it in May, but didn’t get around to wearing it until June 1, so it just missed my Me-Made-May Flickr extravaganza. The fabric is a thin jersey knit, and it has served me well this year–the beach, Block Island, Newport Jazz Festival, even boring old work.

Here is Dress At Work, taken while helping my guy set up scaffolding for a sound gig. Fun fun.


And here I am at the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 30 years, on a trip to one of my new favorite places, San Francisco.


And exploring wine country, at the beautiful Artesa Vineyards


While I’m raving about easy knit dresses with a maximum of three pieces, here’s another fun one, McCalls 6240, heretofore known as the Spider-Man Kiss Dress because I managed to cut the pieces with the print upside down. Only I could eff up a three piece dress. Anyway, you’ve all no doubt been commissioned/cajoled/whined at to make someone a dress. I just go “Okay” and promptly ignore them. But for some reason the two times I’ve worn this dress I’ve been downright ordered to make it for friends, even down to the color and fabric they want. These bitches were adamant. It’s just that fun and frivolous. Who knew that a one-armed dress would cause such excitement?

Finally got a few pics of it, at my boyfriend’s gig at our wonderful local joint the other night. I absolutely love it with the Bah Humbug hat and those hot green tights. 🙂 It definitely passed the dancing test too. Beyond dreamy and flowy.



I should end on that holiday theme, but I have to throw one more in here. The Famous Lady Skater dress from Kitschycoo (http://kitschycoo.bigcartel.com/product/the-lady-skater-sewing-pattern-for-teens-and-women). Just too many of you were making gorgeous versions of it, so I impulsively ordered it online one day at work, printed it as soon as I got home, and whipped that puppy up that evening. Just adore the thing. Great for traveling. My pics are crummy so far, but here are a few. If by chance you haven’t been caught in the trance of this thing, please reconsider.



So I guess for someone who doesn’t ‘need’ new clothes, I’m not doing too badly. 😉

Anyone else have tried-and-true palate cleanser for those bumpy uninspired times?

Have very happy holidays everyone! Speaking of holidays and the end of 2013, I’m really enjoying everyone’s Top and Bottom 5’s. Love you gals and your endless creativity!!!