Slightly Selfless


Anyone who knows me would absolutely never use the word selfless to describe me, and I’m totally okay with that. However, occasionally I do feel compelled to use my newfound ‘skills’ for the greater good; and I have amassed a little arsenal of go-to quickie gift tutorials that I’m more than happy to share with you.

Six Pocket Bag


You’ve no doubt seen this puppy on Pinterest. Sadly, I’m very rarely on Pinterest (don’t have the bandwidth at work, don’t have the time at home), but even I have caught this little number and been enchanted by it. It’s FREE, kids, brought to you by the folks at Better Homes & Gardens. It’s easy, cute, perfect for two or three complementing and/or contrasting fabrics, easy to size up or down. Etc! The finished product made with the BHG dimensions is small-ish, but the six pockets are all big enough for an iDevice of your choice, as the photo advertises. I have made it in the original size through a decent beach/gym appropriate size, and a few sizes in between.

Here’s my most recent make, with a matching guitar for the photo because Lenny is awesome and thinks of everything.


Here’s a detail of the groovy fabrics.

And a totally accidental side seam pattern matching. Squee!

Here’s one I sized up for my cutie patootie aunt in Florida, made out of a quilting cotton with a print of the college from which we both graduated, our beloved Marshall University.


Here’s the first one I made, in April of 2012, along with a few other TNT crafty gifts, the Perfect Wallet and Sew Spoiled Cosmetic Case (oh yeah, and a tissue holder I learned to make in my introductory sewing class 🙂 )


Sew Spoiled Cosmetic Case


Thank you, Sew Mama Sew!! I have made a jillion of these. It’s a perfect scrap-buster!! There are two in the Pez photo, one out of each print, and I have also made it in–among other fabrics–fuchsia zebra-print satin and a cotton Hello Kitty print.

Perfect Wallet


This pattern from Pattern Pile covers all of the bases–large cash pockets, zippered coin compartment, and credit card slots. I just love it!

I'm even working on an Elvis one. 😉

Little Girl’s Shirred Dress Tutorial

This was a gift for my great-niece. I had some perfect fabric and wanted to teach myself shirring, and wasn’t sure she would love the romper I made her (I was right 😦 ). This took about two seconds to make, a credit to the wonderful Spoonflower blog and her highly descriptive tutorial. Also helped that the child in the tutorial is my niece’s size, so I didn’t even have to measure, just used the exact dimensions given in the tutorial.

She even wore it for a newspaper article featuring her mommy. Sorry, but I’m so proud of the first non-blog internet appearance of one of my items


Here she is when I first gave it to her, along with another go-to crafty gift, her Dora purse, aka the Simple Reversible Tote Bag, which you can just see in the background


Which leads me to

Simple Reversible Tote Bag

Last Christmas I found myself in a state of regret for not having produced more handmade goodies. Thank goodness I found this tutorial, and was able to crank out a few totes for the little girls in the family. I have virtually no finished product photos other than the 1/8 of a Dora purse in the shirred dress picture above, but it is a fun and simple prezzie, great for medium-sized scraps.

Oh here’s one of my favorite ballerina, Serena, with her new ballerina purse at Christmas. Oops, I should have put something in it.


Okay, that's enough for now. I truly hope that these tutorials are as helpful to you as they have been to me, especially with the holidays fast approaching. Happiest of sewing and giving to you! And PLEASE, feel free to share any CrafTNTs in comments below. I’m sure they’ll be greatly appreciated!!!



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  1. Woah, those are some amazing patterns and tutorials. I’m trying to use up scraps and things and I think you may have just given me the perfect use for some of them! Well and truly bookmarked!!

    • You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say that! Thanks so much. These are truly tried-and-true, and I hope you enjoy them. This post will even help me, because I can never find these patterns when I need them. Now they’re all in one place. 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! Accidental seam matching is a rare and wonderful thing, and I definitely couldn’t have done it if I’d actually wanted to. 🙂 Thanks for the niece comment too. She’s a picky muse, but when she likes something, it’s very rewarding. 🙂

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