Sometimes the Boss is Right


My boss is too lenient. She sent me two patterns from which to choose in my Sew Bossy package (Unless I’m supposed to make both—uh oh…). One is McCall’s 6320, a one-shoulder number that I shied away from because I had very recently made a one-shoulder knit frock, McCall’s 6240 (post coming very soon), so part of my teeny mind was thinking been there, done that. I started to make the other pattern, McCall’s 6394 and just couldn’t get into it. Please don’t dock my pay, Anne.

Luckily I had only cut into the lining chosen for the 6394 and didn’t waste any of the fabric, which is utterly scrumptious and 100% me and my desired color palette, all soft with a smidge of give. Absolute fabric heaven.

Cue the angel harps


I finally revisited the 6320 and realized it’s quite a dreamy pattern. I was careful and did some actual fitting with my new best friend Swedish tracing paper (post pending), but then kept second guessing myself and cut the lining a bit larger than the paper muslin, and then the fashion fabric yet a pinch larger than that. Added to the fact that the fabric already has some stretch, this led to a slightly too large finished product. Yep, as always, even with an easy pattern and nice workable fabric, I am my own worst sewing enemy and made matters more difficult than they needed to be.

But just look at these pleats and pocket. Sigh (if I do sigh so myself)


I powered through my mistakes, and although it’s not exactly clingily form-fitting, I’m extremely happy with the comfort and look of this dress.

Here is my happily completed assignment, almost three months to the day after the lovely Anne finished hers. Definitely check our her gorgeousness. And while we’re at it, check out the adorable Kat over at Petticoats and Peplums, who absolutely slayed this pattern for Frocktails. She’s so cute I could squoosh her.



Feelin’ sassy from the back:


And one more. See how happy I am when I listen to my boss?

Hope all of you other Sew Bossy pairs are having a blast. This was certainly worth it for me. Big hugs and props to the ultimate blogoddess at Pretty Grievances!!!


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  1. I was just saying to myself, “Why did Shelley post that lovely dress on Instagram but not on her blog?” Only to find out this corner of the Internet did not make it over in the Great Google Exodus. Apologies for not keeping up.

    I still love this dress. I have to agree with Rosy: it is plenty glamorous.

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