Hey Look, Free Outfit


If you’re a Fabric Mart addict like me, you know that they occasionally have a free fabric bundle promotion, X number of yards for spending X amount of money (There’s one going on right now!). So when I say Free Outfit, I really mean Hey Look, a $3000 outfit, because that’s probably what I’ve spent at FM. I refuse to add it all up.

Obviously these fabric bundles are hit and miss, but at some point last year I got some major numminess. One was about 1.5 yards of rich purple super silky charmeuse, of a way finer quality than something I would pay for. I’m still amazed at how lovely it is, and how well it holds up. The other is about 1 yard of stripey jersey. Not the softest material in the world, but a fun piece of fabric nonetheless, and it matches the charmeuse. I decided to finally crack open my Burda Style Sewing Handbook 20130515-112147.jpg
to try their blouse pattern, and it was a positive experience. I typically shy away from Burda because it seems to get mixed reviews overall, but the book is lovely. So many fabric and embellishment options, straightforward directions, really nice details inside and out. Even having to add the seam allowance wasn’t annoying. I am crap at taking photos mid-construction, but this pattern is so clean that I felt compelled to take photos of the inside.

A bit difficult to see, but pretend it’s clear

This is the inside! Look at that yoke.

Here’s a view that includes the casing and tie. Again, really straightforward directions. As always, pardon the wrinkles. This was taken after work and grocery shopping.
I’m not sure when I finished the blouse, but I know I wore this outfit at Christmas, so it’s definitely a 2012 vintage. I haven’t actually made anything with the stripey jersey yet. I just safety pin it into a skirt and it usually stays up. Here I am when the daffodils decided to come out last month.
I could stand to lengthen the bodice, but other than that I’m happy with the fit.

Feelin peplumy20130515-105949.jpg

So this is my mini-review of the Burda Style Sewing Handbook. I would definitely make the blouse again, especially since it’s good for sheer fabrics or just about anything, and since I already bothered to trace and cut those pattern pieces. Has anyone made another garment from the Handbook? What was your experience?

Happy Sewing
Happy Mid-Me-Made-May!


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    • Thanks so much. I got lucky there, and the pattern instructions are so great. At first I was wondering why I needed to cut so many shoulder yokes, but having the extra inside ones make it special. I was like Whoa. 🙂

  1. So gorgeous-and such a great color! I haven’t made anything with a peplum or our of the Burda book, but it’s next on my list! (Well, Burda is – I’m not sure about the peplum.) Just need my sewing machine fixed!

    • Good luck with your machine! Sorry it’s down for the count. I’m glad I finally got past my Burda fears, because I love this blouse. There are so many other great ideas in the book that I’d like to try too. Never enough time…

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