Chuck Lives!


When the lovely and talented Kristin over at Sew Classic decided to pay tribute to the gorgeous originality that was the short-lived ABC series Pushing Daisies, I decided to hop in and do my best version of the character Chuck, inspired somewhat by this photo:
Anna Friel is a goddess, and Pushing Daisies was such a little slice (pun intended–there are pies involved) of TV heaven. I had no idea exactly what to make, but when Alice suggested Cambie, it was all systems go. I even had some daisy fabric, so it was a total stashbusting extravaganza.
Unfortunately I didn’t have a bed of daisies to lie on, and totally not enough time during lunch breaks in our two days of warm weather last week to put together a proper photo shoot, but my boyfriend thought that these baseball players would make an interesting background. He is an artistic soul.

He also wanted to capture this lady walking her dog behind me (Well, there was a dog on the show). 20130416-071951.jpg
So that orange thing is a happy bonus that came out from this sewalong. Other than those freak 80-degree days we had last week, it’s not going to be warm enough to wear a Cambie by itself for a while, so I whipped up a cardicket (jackigan sounds kind of rude), out of some stash crepe and some delish Vera Wang lining from Fabric Mart. The pattern is technically the cardigan view of Simplicity 2154, but I lengthened and lined it, and just love love love it. ‘Twill be my go-to spring 2013 layerer.
Couple more pics. Had to throw in a few hats, because Chuck had fun with accessories.

This top-down pic taken while Lenny was racing me back to work makes me happy
Definitely check out Kristin’s amazing dress and incredible photos. She even made a pie!

Go create something beautiful.

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  1. Ooh, I love it – it looks so fantastic on you! And I love it with your hats! I need more hats, I think… And the orange cardigan is just perfect. I love the colors and it looks unbelievably comfortable. And of course, it’s perfectly inspired by Chuck who does everything in ridiculously bright colors. Do you mind if I put a picture or two of you on my blog?

  2. This is just so darn adorable!! I’ve been wanting to make a cambie for a little while now, but its going to require some grading so i’ve been dragging my feet. However, its perfect for spring and I think your version has just about convinced me! Its such a perfect Chuck dress. Oh man, pushing daisies was such an awesome show.

  3. Loving all your Cambies! I bought the pattern ages ago and haven’t got around to making it yet. The shape is really flattering on you. I looooove the colours on that jacket too!!!!

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