Selflessness, Seamlessness, Sewalongness, and Sewintistness


I’m working on so many things I can’t keep up with myself (see Board of Confusion)

Photo Feb 24, 2 21 50 PM

but thought I’d just do a random catch-up post.

I’m in the middle of a potentially cute polka dot dress, thanks to the adorable Winnie, aka Scruffy Badger Time. See WIPs, etc., both on the Flickr group and my Instagram feed. And really, please pardon my enthusiasm/desperation, but it’s okay to follow me. I’m really digging the Instagram thing and it’s there for sharing. It’s cat- and fabric-heavy, but really, what else is there?

I’m also psyched about Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men extravaganza. I have some scrumptious fabric (char-MOOSE!!),Photo Feb 16, 10 44 07 PM - Copy

and even found the perfect beaded trim, but just need to narrow down my pattern choices. I’m definitely doing a Joan because as much as I have been worshipping Megan and Jane’s wardrobes, they simply wouldn’t work on me. This will likely be more an homage than a direct copy, but I’m psyched about the project.

I’m also totally stoked about a Pushing Daisies sewalong over at Sew Classic.  You can have your New Girl (no offense, Zooey).  My girl will always be Chuck. Goal date for sew and tell is March 19, so you still have plenty of time. And it has great stashbusting potential because Cambie is a more than appropriate pattern for the task, and I KNOW there are plenty of Cambie-holics out there.

So, selflessness. I’m finally doing something for my long-suffering photographer/boyfriend Lenny. Tonight I’m replacing a few zippers on this outdoor suit thing that he wears when he’s doing snow removal and other manly foul-weather things. I needed to step away from a few projects and do something completely different. Even found a nice tutorial regarding such a task:

Here’s a little zipper-in-progress pic:
Photo Feb 25, 6 05 32 PM

How could I not sew something for someone who’s so nice to my kids?

Photo Feb 24, 11 28 50 PM

Seamlessness.  Guess what, blogoddesses?  I’ve been Seamless for over a year!!  The last clothing item I remember buying was in late December 0f 2011.  I didn’t even officially take the pledge,  but since 2012 went so swimmingly, here I go for 2013.


I, Shelley Hesson, am taking the #seamlesspledge until at least the end of 2013. I have absolutely no interest in buying new garments in any store. Shoes and hats are entirely off limits, and I may buy as many as I want, new and used.

There’s absolutely no chance you haven’t heard of The Map, but if you want the button and are on WordPress, I suggest you do what I did and post it as an image widget. It’s what I do rather than hope that a button code will work as a regular text widget (here’s the source jpg: and the ‘link URL’ is Let me know if you need any assistance on this.

As always, Happiest of Sewing, everyone!!

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