Cambie-ing in the Sunshine State


Hooray, I can finally wear my beloved Cambie. As I have whined before, I finished mine right before autumn and only got to wear it once or twice before the weather got un-Cambie-ooperative. So I made Lenny drive me 1100 miles to my Dad’s in Florida because I missed wearing it so much.

It’s been forever since I made it, so I don’t have specific construction details, but it’s as lovely as everyone says. Thanks to Sew Busy Lizzy pointing me in the right direction, I had the resource of the Sewaholic lining/zipper tutorial on hand before I even had a chance to screw it up.

I am happy with the innards of this dreamy thing. The fabrics are a slightly stretchy cotton broadcloth and a delicious lilac pongee lining. It almost doesn’t look right together but I adore the combo.


I even hemmed the lining. This is a big thing for me. 🙂


Invisible zipper action. One of my best yet.


Here I am in the sunshine, taking obligatory palm tree pics.


Yay pockets. And yay sick brand new red shoes that I had purchased about 15 minutes earlier. (Very happy that Lenny needed new sneaks, so that I could in turn buy FIVE pairs of shoes. Famous Footwear is dangerous. Never let me go in there again.)


Temporarily fascinated by fuzzy red Floridian flora.


And in honor of the final day of Jungle January, here are some new shades that I just bought on the road.


As always, Happiest of Sewing!!

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  1. Guuuurl you are making me get the winter blues! Super jealous that you get to hang out by palm trees in your awesome dress. I love the fun floral print,and you KNOW I’m digging those hot red heels! Great job on your construction, it looks impeccable!

  2. Gorgeous dress! And shoes!! 🙂

    Do you by any chance know what type of tree that fuzzy red one is? It looks remarkably like a Rata or Pohutakawa, but that can’t be right since they’re both New Zealand natives….. So now I’m super curious about what else looks like those!

  3. Great job! How much of a buzz do you get when you look at that lining and zipper insertion? I still smiling when I look at my Cambie linings – nerdy sewing moment of glee!
    And nice shoes!

  4. That is such a beautiful summery Cambie! ( Even though I live an hour from the “Cambie Street” the dress is named for and know that we’re in Polartec and Gore-Tex at the moment ) Makes me feel almost semi-warm again. The installation of that zipper is darn near flawless and I love the lining too. Enjoy the rays.

  5. I love the fabric you used for your Cambie! The lining is a perfect shade, and I love the cheeriness of the red and white print for the outside fabric. I’m so glad you finally got to wear outside in the sunshine!

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