I just want to swim in this fabric. I call it satin, because I call everything shiny either satin or silk, but apparently it’s Charmeuse (my iPhone capitalized it, so I’m leaving it that way. Don’t wanna argue.). I just love saying it.
By the way, ankle/wrist weights make awesome pattern weights. Yet another piece of unused exercise equipment I’ve reallocated for sewing.
Love and hugs and lotsa sewin’!!!

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  1. I love the feel of silk charmeuse as well. If you are looking for tips on how to sew it, there is an article in Sew Stylish, Fall 2012: “Silk Charmeuse, Get great results with this lovely, fluid fabric”, pg.70. Has a whole bunch of tips on cutting, notions, sewing, etc. I havn’t tried sewing with it yet, but hope to one day.

    • Thanks so much for the tip. I’m fine sewing with it, but just need to stop eating so I can fit in the dress. I forgot that my Peony muslin was out of a very forgiving stretchy cotton and this stuff has NO give. I’m sure I’ll be blogging and bitching about this very issue soon. It’ll be an excuse to diet. Clearly I need one. The dress came out lovely. I’M just a little lumpy. 🙂 See ya!

      • Ah, I didn’t realize you had already sewn it. Would love to see the dress! I’m happy I have that magazine issue with the tips in it for when I attempt to sew with silk charmeuse, as I know sewing with thin, slippery fabric can be tricky.

      • Well I hadn’t sewn it yet when you sent the feedback, so it was still timely. I got a wild hair to sew a Peony cut to finish in one day and I did. Totally broke a zipper and had to redo that so it took longer than I would have liked, but I got to wear it out last night so that was fun. Took photos today that I will post soon. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Love the colour and the design and I say call it whatever you like… Charmeuse does sound a little classy especially when you emphasise the Char so it’s like Cccchhhharrrrmeuse LOL. Oh and what a great idea for the exercise weights good to see there’s actually something I can use these things for instead of just paper weights 🙂

    • Sometimes I pronounce it (in my head, of course) charMOOOOSE, like there’s a moose in the immediate vicinity. Sometimes it’s more French, like char-meuuuuuse (however you would spell a French pronunciation 🙂 ). Thanks for the comment. I love the color and design too. I feels and flows nice, but like I just complained to Gjeometry, I just need it to be more forgiving. It definitely shows everything. But it was a fun experience and may end up being an excuse to run a lap and/or finally use those ankle weights. 🙂 Will post carefully-posed pics of finished product soon.

      • hahahahaha you just made me crack up laughing as I was visualising you saying charMOOOOSE… I was even saying it again in the all ways in my head as well… now I’m sitting here laughing again as I write this. Some fabrics loves to cling to our bits that we don’t want to too… how dare they lol. Careful with those weights they could be dangerous if used incorrectly… much safer on a stable table I say 🙂 Looking forward to your carefully-posed pics and don’t worry if I see a little lump or bump I won’t tell anyone… secret is safe with me LOL

      • Last night I actually wore it in public and sang in it, albeit under a blazer with a HUGE red scarf covering most of me. Someone took photos and they were pretty brutal. Good thing I got to their camera quickly and could delete the worst of them. 😉 Today we took some shots in the sunlight and it was pretty tolerable. Got to work those suck-in muscles. Will blog it this week.

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