Oodles of FOs. And really crummy pics of a few.


Happy New Year, lovely blogoddesses. Hope you’ve been more creative and bloggy than I have these past few months. I actually have several finished garments–including an Alma that apparently only I like (but that’s okay) and the other blouses I cut in Feeling Blousey, a scrumptious Cambie completed in time to wear maybe twice before it got cold, a simple cardigan, and a couple of knit dresses–but I just haven’t felt photogenic, plus it’s miserable and cold and gets dark too early. I’m definitely a fair-weather seamstress.

Here’s my latest almost-done creation, a McCall’s 5974 and yet another wrap dress that isn’t. I think that makes three fauxs for me now. Anyone wanna clue me in on a perfect DVF-style pattern? Thanks.
Oh yeah, it only has one sleeve. Somehow I didn’t line up the fabric well when cutting, and one sleeve has a big chunk out of it. I Stitch Witcheried the heck out if it with scraps and am hoping it’ll be patched well enough to install tonight.

Here’s a scary pic of my beloved Peony, made out of some cheap cotton (shocking coming from me, I know). It’s another one of my wearable muslins that I liked enough to not make a ‘final’ version. I completed it in time for the last Colette 2.0 sewalong but never had a proper photo shoot. I have worn it to many occasions, including a relative’s out-of-town surprise birthday party and some of my boyfriend’s gigs, but no one has felt compelled to document its gorgeousness. 😉
Here’s the only pic of scrumptious Cambie so far, taken after my sweetie finally put a fresh roof on the Miata. Love that fabric. And love the hat of course. How many days til spring???
I’m also fully invested in an Anise that WILL be pretty someday, and a partial pair of Clovers, so maybe I’ll eventually have more than two pairs of pants that fit.

In other news, I treated myself to a nice Rowena with retractable power cord while at Kohl’s allegedly buying gifts for other people. I like the long point, and the squirty function, and the almost-useless but fun Burst of Steam button.

And in totally gratuitous news, congratulations to the gorgeous Louis Smith for winning Strictly Come Dancing. Watch this and realize that if you don’t live in the UK you should really learn to download torrents. (Also helps for Downton Abbey as well.)

Louis and Flavia dancing–just watch it!

Unless you’re living in a very small blog cave, you know it’s a very important month–Jungle January, over at the bestest headquarters for everything wonderful, Pretty Grievances. I’m on my mobile version and can’t officially install it yet, but you have to join this sewalong just for the button.
There’s already some amazing creativity going on over there, so definitely take a gander, and join in!!

Last but not least, thanks to the stunning Merche at Aventuras de Costuras for noticing I had disappeared and leaving me a nice message on Christmas Eve. You made my little Grinch heart grow three sizes too big. Hugs and happy sewing to you!!!

Happy 2013!!!!!!

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  1. Hey, hey, welcome back… missed your cheerful style here in the blogosphere. Love the Halloween costume; you have the best shoes in the universe!

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