Hey all. Sandy tried to mess with us, but we’re surviving in Central NJ. Only problem is I have absolutely no place to wear my fabulous Halloween dress other than work. Lucky Labcorp.

So as I mentioned before, I don’t normally do Halloween. I’d rather dress strangely for no reason on random days. But this gorgeous sheer witch fabric called to me from eBay so I ran with it. I knew it’d be perfect as contrast fabric for a Macaron. I found some fun cat cotton as the main/shell fabric, and here’s how it all came together.


I’m the only witch with a pushbroom.


Much better angle. I don’t look so pregnant-witch here. I gathered my Macaron rather than those groovy pleats so there is some poofing. Very proud of my French seams on the sheer fabric.


I even did my nails, dahling. Found a use for that blue lacquer that Birchbox sent me. And you know you’re jealous of my spider fascinator. 🙂

Hope that most of you have/had a normal, fun, on-time Halloween. I hope I find someplace else to wear this ensemble!!


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  1. You look marvelous! Love that sheer fabric – it’s positively perfect for the holiday! And yay for Birchbox! I look forward to mine every month.

    I’m glad to see you’ve weathered through Sandy ok!

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