Emmy Day. Go Tim!!


Happy Sunday and Emmy awards day

I never documented my Tim Gunn book signing experience, so when I saw this photo on his Facebook page today it reminded me.

How cute is this?

As you know, Tim has been all over the place promoting his fun and fabulous book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible; and I was fortunate enough to meet him at Bookends in lovely Ridgewood, New Jersey, a few weeks ago.

Tim was amazing. He talked to EVERYone, and took photos with EVERYone, bless him. Took two hours to get through the line.
Yay, it was finally my turn. An employee/owner was kind enough to snap shots for all of us adoring fans.
So here we are together. I love it!!
By the way, anyone watching the Emmys tonight? Who ya rooting for? I’m all about Jim Parsons, everyone’s beloved Sheldon on Big Bang; but I wouldn’t cry if Louis C.K. won. Naturally I’d love a Downton win or two, some Breaking Bad love, and even more Big Bang recognition in the form of Best Supporting Actress in Comedy for Mayim Bialik.

Come hang out with me on Facebook (theshelleyhesson) or Twitter (@shel_shel_shel) if you need some company during the red carpet and awards. Snarky comments always welcome.

Make it work, gorgeous blogoddesses.


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  1. Sooo cool! He came to our mall a few years ago but to meet him you had to pay $50 for a book and a poto, I wasn’t into coughing up the cash so I just took a creepy stalker pic with him in the background. Hee Hee… Glad you actually got o talk to him, I LOVE him on PR!

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