Green and Drapey


Hey all. Hope everyone is having fun with his/her respective seasonal sewing. All of us northern hemispherers have visions of cardigans and capes and pants and Gertie coats dancing in our heads. Or at least I do.

My blouses are coming along nicely. Alma would be done if I hadn’t hemmed it wrong side out. Oh well. That’ll be a seam-ripping time for another day. I also started a Cambie because I’m silly, AND because I LOVE the fabric that just came from Fabric Mart
20120918-234040.jpgAND because I saw the sublimely talented Amanda’s version in person at Gertie’s/Gretchen’s book launch party this past weekend. Just lovely. Not to mention Sew Busy Lizzy’s beautiful versions. Hope to have a full-blown case of Cambie Pox real soon.

So here’s something I actually finished. Never mind that I finished it at the end of July and just never documented it. It’s an easy, comfy McCall’s 6078 and I highly recommend it if you have some jersey knit hanging around and want to make something kinda sweet for not a lot of effort.

Here are some shots on a semi-cool summer sunset evening in a field of sunflowers that a local farmer just randomly planted this summer.


Yeah that’s me taking a picture of Lenny taking a picture of me. We do that a lot.

And one where you can almost actually see the shirt, taken during another gorgeous sunset, on Block Island last week.
Ahh, my trusty Saturn. My only new-bought car. 15 years old, 229,000 miles, and at least four boyfriends.

There’s SO much more to blab about, but it’s past my bedtime. However, I just have to congratulate the blogoddesses chosen for the Mood Sewing Network. Did they nail this or what?? Absolutely spot-on selections.

Happiest of fall/spring sewing!

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  1. I agree the Mood Sewists are all awesome! And soooo lucky! I love that top, draped and cowl necks are my fave…. I really must make some LOL.
    I hope you enjoy the Cambie Pox, the only side effect is pretty dresses. Remember to use the online tutorials for putting in the lining – makes it sooooo much easier. Thanks for the shout-out 🙂 x

  2. Hello, thanks for joining in the fun on my blog. You beat me to it, I would have added you first if my computer hadn’t crashed! 😛
    That cowl-neck top is a beautiful colour. I’ve got a similar pattern in my stash, and it too is quick, easy and satisfying.

    I love those sunflowers. Remind me of the Darling Downs in Queensland where you get kilometre upon kilometreo of sunflower fields. Divine.

  3. I really like your top. It’s wearable but certainly not boring. Trouble is, some of my biggest fails have been in knits. Then again my fave dress pattern is a knit. Hmmm.

    Anyway, I love the colour you chose and it looks brill on you.

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