Strictly Strictly


This post will mean almost nothing to my fellow Americans (unless you’re a downloading Anglophile like me), and for now it has nothing to do with sewing (unless I get a hankering to sew dance costumes this season), but please, if any of you lovely English lasses want to talk Strictly, please take pity on a girl who has NO ONE to discuss this with (except for my patient bestie Donna) and yammer on about it with me. Thanks to the wonderful internet, I’m only a few hours behind on getting to watch it, so I’ve already seen the introductory partner-pairing episode and am so excited already. This is the first series that I know ZERO celebrities beforehand (no Lulus or Pamela Stephensons or Widdys for me this year), except for the token American Jerry Hall of course, but I can tell that I love this cast.

Here’s what I love:

The new judge, Darcey Bussell (obviously haven’t seen her judge yet, but I get a good feeling about the chemistry there)
The pairing of Brendan and Victoria
Artem and Robin, always, and with anyone or no one
Flavia Cacace, always. In another life I would have her hair.

And I’ve been developing a huge crush on Len over the years. It’s getting ridiculous.

Give me a se-VUNNNNN, Len!

As for Dancing With the Stars, it IS an opportunity to see Len two more nights a week, but I’m not excited about this year’s All-Star cast. I want fresh dancers!! But who am I kidding? I know I’ll get sucked in.

Signing off from Strictly Central, East Coast USA branch,
See ya 5 October!

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    • Hey, Sonja! It IS fun. If you’ve ever run across Dancing With The Stars on ABC, it’s identical to it, even down to two of the same judges (I’d love to see how many frequent flier miles Len and Bruno have, doing both London and LA seasons simultaneously). I guess I’ll be watching from a different perspective this year, trying to figure out how they make all of these costumes for so many different people week after week. Exhausting just thinking about it.

      It was awesome meeting you last night at Gertie’s book launch. Can’t wait to hang out again and do some fabric shopping. Take care!!

  1. You are a lady with good taste. I love strictly! As I’m English I get to watch it with ease. I went along to the filming of the Christmas special a few years ago and it was amazing fun. Me and my friend were so star struck that we spent most of the time pointing at people and then squealing excitedly.

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