Long live rock. And Macaron!!!


Hellllooooooo 2.0 Sewalongers!!

Well, I finished this two weeks ahead of schedule which means I’m late posting it. Typical. There was just never time for a proper shoot, and I had to do photographic justice to this garment’s sheer silliness.

So here’s my content-light, picture-heavy post. The main pink guitar fabric is a print from eBay that I’ve been wanting to make something out of for a long time. My boyfriend does sound and plays in a few bands, so there’s always an excuse to make clothes to wear to gigs. The contrast is White Leopard Burnout (which is going to be the name of MY band), coolest fabric ever. I have a ton left, so if Lenny ever makes an honest woman out of me, I think I’ll make my wedding dress out of the stuff–At least the veil. Nothing to say constructionwise that wouldn’t have been said in my muslin post. I did attach sleeves to this one, which miraculously went without a hitch. The invisible zipper is even less visible than in the muslin, but being a very similar color always helps.

Shelley the Roadie to the rescue.

My attempt at a Pete Townshend windmill. Hard to do without a guitar strap.

Had to have at least one photo with a hat

Do you see a zipper? Me either. Okay maybe a little bit.

My creative honey’s creative photography

So I LOVE the Macaron, and it sounds like y’all are falling in love too. There are so many amazing versions out there. I could squeeze you all. I’m even planning a Halloween version. Um, you don’t know me, but I don’t do Halloween. Every day to me is an excuse to dress ‘interestingly’, so usually I ignore Halloween, but I found some fabric on eBay that will be the PERFECT contrast fabric. Squeee. So I hope to be bewitching in October.

Happy Autumn Sewing, and Colette Sewingalonging!

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  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR FABRIC. The pairing of these two fabrics is completely brilliant! And you’re making a Halloween version??? Ooooo….cannot wait to see!

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