Feelin Blousey



For some reason I decided to begin three blouses simultaneously last night (because I don’t have enough UFOs and WIPs). And it took ALL evening to trace all of those pieces, especially the seam-allowance-free Burda. I’m hoping that the hard work will pay off and that these pieces will be reused multiple times. Look, Anne, I’m trying that crazy Rowley pattern, but with something slippery enough to hopefully combat the Pleat of Doom. The purple that I’m using for the Burda is from my last Mystery Bundle. Two yards of yummy purple satin. Nice.

I’m way behind on responding to comments and making comments to your posts, but I’ll catch up soon. I really appreciate your generous feedback, and I’m loving what you blogoddesses are putting out there. You all rock my world.


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    • Thanks. Me too. 🙂 Alma is about 50% together, and I adore it. Unfortunately I’m making the long sleeve version so I can’t wear it for a while, but it gives me something to look forward to when the weather gets colder.

    • I think I was buying my Cambie at the same time you were buying your Alma! 🙂 So far I LOVE Alma. I got the fabric pieces cut, darts sewn, main pieces together, and that sweet Peter Pan collar constructed last night, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty. I’m SO into it. I can see it being a major TNT. The sleeve and neck varieties make it ultra versatile. You’re going to love it too!!

  1. I’ve been using tracing paper from the art section when it goes on sale cuz the pieces are larger- but I’ll bet freezer paper is much cheaper….hmm. **Once I closed the pleat up to just 4 inches, it lays much better- it’s probably wrestling under the surface, but I can live with that! Lovely choices!!

    • I’m so glad to hear you were able to wrangle that pleat into submission!! I may try your 4 inch tip in case things aren’t looking good when I put that puppy together. It’s funny, I have no idea how much freezer paper is (I just scan and run), but I’m sure it is cheaper than tracing paper. And it has that cool waxed edge in case you need to gently fuse it to tricky fabric. It’s so fun to peel off (welcome to the world of the easily amused).

  2. I made baby doll shirts assembly-style one weekend last spring. I discovered I didn’t have a lot of summery shirts to wear to work, so I bought fabric on sale and got to work. You really get to perfect your sewing skills (but I was working on three of the same pattern). I will tell you label every piece with sticky notes, etc, because I walked a way from them for a few days and I had a hard time figuring what piece went with what….but again, I was working with the same pattern.

      • Thanks for the sticky note tip. I’m loving the Alma, and may even do an assembly line myself and make a few more while the pieces are out and somewhat organized. Alma is a keeper!! I’m in the middle of a long sleeve version with Peter Pan collar, but I may look through my stash and do some alternate combinations.

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