Labor Day Bliss. And say hello to my little Pfriends


Sewing Happiness Is:

About 87(ish) yards of new Fabric Mart fabric pre-washing as we speak (And they actually sent me useable, cute fabric in my 6 yard Mystery Bundle!) and Joann’s orders in the mail, including stupid amounts of crepe de chine, faux fur, thread, and elastic, just because
Two awesome new-to-me sewing machines on the dining room table
Two adorable WIPs (if I do say so myself) on said machines
Two UFOs that have a chance at some kind of life in the next week (or day)
One finished pink guitar Macaron and a lime green jersey drapey top that are bursting to be documented
An Alma and a few other tops that need pattern tracing/cutting
Bunches of new patterns, including Gertie’s new dress and coat, and some autumny capes, ponchos, and pants

It’s going to take all of this happiness to get over the fact that the summery sunnery part of summer is essentially over. The pool closes today, and the weather isn’t looking good enough for the next few days to justify drowning my sorrows at the beach. But I’ll be okay. People have real problems out there other than fading tans. Thanks for letting me wallow for a few lines…

So, on to my new friends:

For these almost seven months that I’ve been sewing, I haven’t had my own actual functional machine. I taught myself the basics on my mom’s Sears Kenmore, but it only has a straight stitch. It can sew through a tent, a mainsail, and 5 layers of denim, but it ain’t gonna buttonhole or zigzag. Thanks, babe. I’ll get you back out when I need to repair my tarp.

So anyway, my honey’s sister (the one with the greenest of thumbs who makes the garden so pretty) was kind enough to let me borrow her Brother (the sewing machine kind–I was already borrowing her human brother) for all of this time. AND a close cousin’s wife also let me foster her grandmother’s Husqvarna Viking 990 for a while too. Both machines have served me well, and I’ve learned a great deal about what functions I need and don’t need. Well, sadly the beloved Viking had to be returned, and I’m thinking I shouldn’t overstay my Brother welcome, so I went about acquiring my own children.

This is proof that timing is everything. A local lady who is moving back to Australia after living here for 18 years was selling her amazing Pfaff 2030 on Craigslist for an ungodly low price, so here she is:

And just because I can’t live in a house that doesn’t resemble a sweatshop, and because I couldn’t live without a Swede around, I found this on eBay:

It’s not as pfancy as the Pfaff, but it’s actually pretty kickass. It’s tough, even sewing through thick layers. I’m about halfway through a stretchy polyester knit dress, and its stitches have been perfect for the task. The coolest thing is that the model name is Lena, which is my boyfriend’s Sicilian grandmother’s name. I HAD to buy it!

So I’m off to see what to do first. I literally don’t know where to start. Shall I pull my hair out trying to still get inspired by that crappy Vogue ‘wrap’ that I’m trying to modify, or creatively extend the waistline on the potentially cute Butterick 4790 that’s THIS close to being done? Or play more with the WIPs? Don’t worry, these are rhetorical questions. I’m gonna do what grabs me first, as always.

Enjoy what’s left of your Labor Day, U.S. people, and enjoy that Monday will soon be over, everyone else. May you be blessed with wonderful bursts of creativity.

I’ll close with two of my favorite Facebook finds from this week:

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  1. 87 yards and two new machines!?!? I’m so incredibly jealous 🙂 You sound like you have a ton of lovely things on the way out of your sewing room. I can’t wait to see them all!

    Love the Facebook finds too, btw.

    • Well, 87 may be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but if you add up what I’ve bought, what’s on the way, the fabric in my stash that still needs to be pre-washed, and the 6 yard mystery bundle, it’s gotta be close to that. 🙂 I’m excited about my WIPs too. This may just be the week of FO’s. Good luck with your house moving, by the way. I hope it’s not getting in the way of sewing and other fun stuff too terribly much.

    • It’s funny you should mention that about picking a favorite. Lena is sort of surging ahead. She never complains when I overload her, whereas the Pfaff can be picky about thickness. I may need to adjust a setting or change the needle or something. Still learning the quirks of these old girls.

  2. It sounds like you never need to buy fabric again… well until next week at least 😉 looking forward to seeing the new creations fly outta the sewing sweatshop!

    • You’re so right. Even after these huge Fabric Mart,, and Jo-Anns orders, I’m STILL tempted by the 20% off sale that Fabric Mart has until tomorrow. What IS this sickness?? New creations will indeed be flying. I pretty much whipped the UFOs into shape, and I got past a neck facing almost-fiasco with the knit dress that I prematurely called ‘adorable’ (That’s what I get…), so it will likely be a post-heavy week. I need a tripod!

  3. Wow how exciting! I have a lil pfaff too! Yours looks amazing! And why can’t all machines have great names like Lena!? Great post!

    • Thanks so much, Kim! The Pfaff does so much. It has embroidering functions that I hope to explore someday. For now I’m just enjoying the learning experience of figuring it all out. I did my first French seams on it yesterday. Ahhh. It’s the little things that make us happy… 🙂

  4. I am using a vintage Kenmore and I’ve bought a lot of attachments for it on Ebay. But man, I wish I was upgrading to two amazing sewing machines. Enjoy them! And 87 yards of fabric….ah, that is paradise!

    • You are smart to have found attachments to your Kenmore. I should have done more research on mine, and still may do so in the future. I have only done a cursory search so far, and just didn’t get far. Thanks for reminding me. It IS an awesome machine. I always tell people you could drive a car with that motor. 🙂 Enjoy your Kenmore greatness!

    • Cool. Isn’t it addictive? I was so psyched about this bundle, and will probably do a just-for-fun fabric post soon because I’m so in love with my current stash. Each piece in this bundle is easily big enough for at least a skirt. One is this purple satin that looks like it’d be perfect for either a skirt or a top in the BurdaStyle Handbook, which I’ve barely cracked open. I just can’t decide, but fortunately I don’t have to yet. My last mystery bundle had a fun stripey knit that I’m dying to play with too. So much fabric, so little time.

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