Just a quick summary of my final Hazel. I am loving the creations over at the Flickr group. You all are SO amazing. It truly is a versatile pattern, really fun for fabric experimentation, and everyone has really embraced that.

Hazel Muzz is still inexplicably one of my favorite dresses these days, even though it’s the ultimate hot mess. I’m so glad I was a good girl and actually made a muslin, because I would have hated to see this gingham all funky like my muslin fabric ended up. For this final version I cut a 14 instead of a 16, which helped immensely, and was way more careful with dart placement.

Sorry about Attack of the Boobs here. Just really excited about how the darts turned out.

I probably cut a 12 or less in the skirt, so there wasn’t quite the excess that I fought with when I originally constructed the muslin. I was also much more methodical with zipper placement, and how the whole back, zipper, and skirt came together, which was such a nice experience after literally crying over the muslin at this stage. I also bothered to go to the Colette website to the great invisible zipper tutorial , and bothered to figure out how the invisible zipper foot I bought actually attaches to my sewing machine. Another valuable learning experience (aka DUH). It was easy and turned out lovely.

So here are some photos. My boyfriend was deathly ill when he took these (Lenny is such a trooper!!), AND temps were well into the 90s, so not as much frivolity as I would have liked for such a light and fun garment. Maybe we’ll get crazy when it’s Macaron time.

I love it with the Goorin Brothers hat!!

Bit of Ta Daaaaaaa for ya

Honey, are my bra straps showing??

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  1. This turned out amazingly! Love the gingham in those colours! The fit is great too and love it with the sun hat!

  2. This looks great! What a fun gingham, very ” I look so breezy and effortless in my cute ass dress”! I don’t think I’ve seen one bad hazel dress made up yet, it’s really a magical pattern that fits all ladies

      • You and cjgal both have good taste in rainbow gingham/plaid! I’m going on the hunt for some in a bright colour myself now.
        PS. The hat is good but I’m with Kerri, those shoes rock!

  3. Is that pink and blue gingham?? I WANT! I seriously love this dress, great job. This pattern is so great…I think it’s the perfect summer sundress 🙂

    • Thanks so much. It’s going to get a LOT of wear this hot summer. I think I got that fabric online at Fabric Mart (www.fabricmartfabrics.com). They have killer sales, and are rather addictive.

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