Spotted Spark


Here’s my little contribution to the Summer Spark Sew-Along, New Look 6048 in cotton. Normally I wouldn’t think of black for a summer creation, but polka dots make everything cooler. The main fabric was from Walmart, and the pink contrast band is a cloth napkin that was in my stash. Love it.

The dress was easy to put together, and the instructions were very clear. This may have been one of the first times I really took the time and care to understitch correctly because New Look’s description seemed easier to follow for me than some previous Simplicitys, Vogues, etc. Or maybe things are just finally clicking. The pleats are adorable and super easy too, and I LOVE the pockets. I did make it a little big because unfortunately that’s how I’ve been rolling lately, cutting too large out of fear of not giving the girls enough room, but I’m inching ever closer to that happy sizing medium.

What’s summer without running through the sprinklers? These may be a little intense though. They’re for the building where I work.


More sparky polka-dotted fun, Boston style. Just got back from a weekend with some childhood friends, where we were fortunate enough to catch a disco cover band playing for the Harborfest celebrations. As I said on Flickr, I’m not drunk, except maybe on Donna Summer grooves. We love dresses that pass the dancing test!


Another pic, from the debut wearing of this dress last week. My friend was so taken by the pink that she felt compelled to put pink impatiens in my hair (“We can’t wait to be in your hair”–sorry, bad impatien joke). We put enough hairspray in it that it held up to two top-down rides and dancing to my boyfriend’s band at a local restaurant. Yea, Aqua Net!


Bonus shot with full accessorization. Polka dotted sunglasses and obscenely awesome Steve Madden hat.


Thanks ever so much to Ali, Sarah, and Alessa for hosting the sewalong!!


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    • It’s funny–when I first saw your comment, I read it as ‘you are so picnic already’, like picnic is a new whimsical adjective. Like ‘you are so money’ from “Swingers”. Maybe we should start a trend. You are SO picnic!!

  1. Love that dress, and love that it looks like you’re having fun in it! I was looking at polka dots today at the fabric store… now I might have to back and get some….!

  2. Beautiful dress and fit! Love the polka dot and contrasting fabric. 🙂 PS thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my blog! I’m looking forward to seeing your shirt dress (which was my first non knit dress and not that bad- I’m sure yours will be gorgeous!).

  3. Isn’t it lovely when things do start to click. I wish I was there with pockets and, well lots of other things too, but that’s life and learning hey. At any rate this is a very cute dress and you look summery and beautiful. Please bottle some sun for us down under 🙂

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