Hazel Lovin’


Hazel, dirty blonde hair, I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with you anywhere...”
Bob Dylan and The Band, from the gorgeous album Planet Waves. Oooh, that’s good stuff.

So after some fitting issues, I got Hazel semi-wearable muslin to a good place, and I LOVE HER!! I love the fabric, the fit, the comfiness. I came upon the muslin fabric while perusing a bunch of my free (from a friend’s stash that she kindly gave me) crafty quilting cotton for a totally other project, and I liked how this color looked next to my new animal print hat. That was it. The fabric picked Hazel, as fabric is wont to do.

I won’t even go into too much construction and fitting tedium here, even though I guess that’s usually the point of a blog, huh? Basically I have the same issues others have had–a little big here and there, even though my measurements are a Collette 16 almost to a tee–and it seems to help to kind of just fix/tuck it when installing the zipper. It’s a good place to trim up the excess and make it all come together. And speaking of excess, someone else mentioned this (sorry, I don’t remember who) and I agree. There is no need for a zipper that long. I think mine is now chopped down to less than 14 inches, and it’s perfect. The excess zipper just made my butt look dumpy. And I ended up cutting away a lot of the back skirt because there was just too much going on back there. Maybe that’s not the intended fit, but that’s how I like it.

So here’s Hazel semi-wearable muslin, which may end up being Permanent Hazel if I don’t get my other fabric cut in time. It’s not perfect, but love is blind. What can I say?

Love those pockets.

The print wasn’t coming through in the other shots, so here’s a close-up.


These are a little dark, but I was having too much fun posing in my new baby:

Here’s the fabric for Hazel Part Deux, and yes, I will press it like a good girl.


Yes, I’m joining the Hazel Gingham Club. If there isn’t one, there should be. Or more like a support group. Somehow this pattern just screams for it.

Hope y’all are having as much fun as I am. I’m almost in over my head with these sewalongs and still doing additional projects that I need and want to do, especially since I’m out of town almost the entire last week of June, which is pretty much crunch time for this, the 2-in-1, the Summer Spark, etc.!!! And I actually thought I could crank a few dresses out for One Pattern, Many Looks on Pattern Review. (Uh, no.) Cuckoo will prevail, somehow. At the very least I’ll keep being my usual obsessive self.

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