Four month sewing anniversary. And Dresses #15 and 16


Entry from my iDo Senior journal-keeping app from February 11, 2012:

First day with machine
Wound bobbin
Fought with it a lot
Did get a few seams accomplished
Worked a long time

Wow, sounds like I didn’t get too far. That’s still every day for me. 🙂 I’m still glad I’ve schlepped my mom’s old Sears Kenmore around for 18 years from apartment to apartment, state to state, because I just KNEW someday I’d use it.

It’s been a fun third of a year so far, and of course it’s been amazing being in this blogging and Flickring community. I can’t say it enough–y’all are AWESOME and truly inspiring EVERY DAY!

On to the sewing–
After working on dress #15 off and on for the better part of a week, I finally finished it Saturday night and sort of hate it. I really had high hopes for my wannabe DVF wrap dress. It’s a Vogue 8784, from this year I think, and it’s supposed to be easy, but I just couldn’t make the pleats look right. Plus the color adds about 80 pounds. I’m sure it’s just going to take some fitting and patience–maybe I’ll finally sit and read these books I keep buying regarding fitting–so I’m going to hang it up until I don’t hate it anymore. My honey thinks it’s completely adorable and doesn’t know why I was so upset. Of course he’s used to walking in and seeing me cry at the mirror/sewing machine/seam ripper, so this was no biggie to him. He really is tremendously supportive.

Here it is, just for documentation’s sake. At least I paired it with some amazing shoes, which makes me feel a bit better. It’s a bit disheveled because I literally just popped it on for a quick photo, but it really doesn’t look much better when I smooth it out. And of course I haven’t done the hem yet, as usual:

Vogue 8784

First DVF-style wrap dress

For my 4 month anniversary I wanted to make something easy and cute that wouldn’t make me cry, and Butterick 5606 was just what the doctor ordered. It’s an infinity dress, and although the fabric has a print side and a solid side, both of which are visible when maneuvering the sashes, it still works with this particular print, as I hoped it would. The solid breaks up the monotony of the print. It even isn’t annoying that it rolls up like knit just loves to do. By the way, guys and gals, when I say easy I’m not kidding. There are more instructions for how to wear the sashes than there are steps for constructing the thing.

So here she is, easy dress for a tired sewist. It’s not the most extraordinary garment in the world, but I adore the color and fit, and I can see myself wearing it a lot this summer. Next time I have the energy and/or am drunk, I’ll pose with all the sash configurations.

Butterick 5606

The ‘infinity’ dress

Good night, you lovelies. Tomorrow I’m making ANOTHER Better Homes and Gardens tote as a birthday gift to get the good karma flowin’ again. Post about that little TNT of a bag pattern coming up very soon.

Keep on stitchin.

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  1. My dear, you are bonkers. The pink dress looks GREAT on you! But if you aren’t feeling it, then put it away and give it some time. I was looking at the infinity dress just the other day, and I like your version a lot! I vote that dresses #15 and 16 are a success!

    • Thanks, Gillian. You are a doll. As my boyfriend says, You always hate your dresses when you first make them. 🙂 It’ll be fine with some adjustments. Thanks for the kind words, as always!!

  2. I think that most pleats are the devils little helpers- but you should be proud of your dress- knit, pleats, all that edge finish- a lot of newer sewistas would have refused to try this- you ended up with a wearable frock in a fab color- prance, Coco, prance!

    • Cuckoo AND Coco shall prance soon. This little number and I are almost on speaking terms now. She’s hanging up and I’m stealing the occasional glance at her. We’ll see. Thanks for the feedback!!

  3. I’ve made zillions of things I wasn’t quite satisfied with and I find that putting them away for awhile is the best remedy. So often when I let projects age for a bit, I go back, pull them out and wonder what it was that I disliked so much about this great… dress/blouse/whatever… I made for myself. I think perfectionism is what drives us to do our best work, but it can also cause dissatisfaction when things are quite as “perfect” as we want them to be. Just remember, no one else looks as closely as you do at the details… they just see the overall picture of a bright and smiling you!

    And yes, the shoes are perfect.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Kerri. Great points. I took a gander at the wrap dress the other night and it does have some redeeming qualities. The lining came out gorgeous. Maybe I should wear it inside out! 😉 It will all work out, especially with you lovelies cheering me on.

  4. Congrats on four months! You’re doing very well for only having sewn for such a short time. But, I have to agree with your partner, the wrap looks nice. Maybe a wider tie to help smooth out the silhouette? Of course you could just wear it as is & look perfectly good in it. Or, you could add some decorative trim or buttons if you were bored with it. As for hemming, I do the same exact thing. For a quicker fix I’ll finish the edge with bias binding, often in a contrasting color.

    • Thank you SO much. It’s been quite a journey. And thanks for the wrap dress compliment. I’m going to try and tweak it a bit this week so I can like it more. It has potential. I’m not giving up on it!

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