Another pretty good mail day



Ahh, my Butterick sale patterns came today!! Check Pattern Review, guys. I think you have until midnight Thursday, which gives you about two hours. And by the way, McCall’s is having a $4.99 sale for the next few days on their site, so if you miss the Butterick you can go crazy over there. Yay!

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  1. Wow! Great mail day indeed! I love the look of that jacket pattern, and the retro dress, fantastic! You are going to have so much fun!

    • I AM excited (see my enthusiastic reply to prttynpink for an example of my mania). The jackets are going to be fun for autumn, and I’m particularly looking forward to trying the little girl dresses. At some point I’m going to have to start making clothes for OTHER people (no fun!) and I have a number of 2-3 year olds in my family who will make perfect models. They may have to wait a little bit longer. I have a lonnnnng to-do list! 🙂

    • Ooh. SOO glad you asked. I’m so excited about 5606 and its convertible infinite-ness that I literally couldn’t sleep. Who could resist a four-piece, four-step dress?! It’s about to jump to the front of the queue ahead of my already-cut Simplicity 1880 view A (which conveniently is now a sewalong at A Fashionable Stitch so I can take my time with that), my already-started wannabe-DVF Vogue 8784, AND the Hazel I’m trying to sewalong which should be fully muslined but has exactly two pattern pieces cut. Only problem is the most appropriately stretchy fabric I have is one-sided (or two-sided?–anyway it has two different sides) so it may look weird when I start gettin’ freaky with the sashes. For $8 worth of fabric I’m willing to take the chance, and it seems that other sewing blogoddesses have tackled this particular issue with gorgeousness and grace, so… To infinity dress and beyond!

  2. I love such days as well … I will have such soon – I have got message that the ordered patterns were sent .. I cannot wait!

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