Best Mail Day Ever!



The Burda Style Handbook, the Colette Sewing Handbook, and 40 yards of fusible interfacing!!!! (and my cat, Teddy, who helps me with the mail)

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    • Thanks. Teddy is a character. He has made me carry him around like that, on my shoulder like a parrot or a monkey, since he was a kitten, and now he’s 13! As for Burda, I hope to explore it soon!

    • (see my reply to Magpie Mimi. I’m still learning how to cleanly navigate this reponse page. Hope to do a proper Burda review soon, but so far it’s a gorgeous and interesting book with a LOT of style)

  1. Very good post day! Yeah, a review of the Burda book would be fantastic, like cjgal I have the Colette book and love it but have wondered about the Burda book. Thanks in advance!

    • I’m glad that there have been requests for a review of the Burda book, because it has made me actually sit and look at the thing. Bear in mind here that my perspective is that of an utter beginner. I haven’t been patient enough to sit and learn from an instruction book yet, so I honestly have nothing with which to compare the Burda. So with that in mind I’ll give my quickie first impressions. There are five included patterns–dress, blouse, skirt, coat, and bag–and from that one can seemingly make about an infinite number of items. The book encourages using different fabrics and really gorgeous fabric combinations, and gives detailed variations for each garment. The instructions seem clear–again just perusing so far–and I like all of the little hints and tips throughout the book. I think the coat and jacket ideas alone will make the book worth owning–from just the included pattern pieces one can make anything from a light autumn jacket to a winter coat. Hope this helps. Full review when I get out from under my current ridiculous queue of projects and actually get to make a Burda garment!

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