A few days behind but I’m working on it… MMM Day 6. And progress on Dress #10


First off, happy MMM’12 to you beautiful, creative people. I am absolutely addicted to the Flickr group page! Y’all are awesome, inspiring, funny, and everything else squooshy and good. Can’t believe we’re into week two already.

Secondly, I’ve just learned a valuable lesson. Save, save save, copy, preview, double check and triple check a new post before leaving the Add New Post page. I just wrote a decent post and it’s gone. Normally I just write a quickie using my phone so this hadn’t been a problem before now. So anyway, I’m whining about this because perhaps it just hasn’t posted yet and the page may magically appear.

So, this has been some week. A funeral (which involved an 1100-mile round trip drive), a wedding, and a Cinco de Mustache party. Plus I still managed to work 28 hours and maintain my MMM pledge. So Sunday was to be a day of rest, which means sew; but my boyfriend rescued me for a top-down ride in the Miata because he knew I’d never leave the house otherwise. Which meant I had to get DRESSED, which meant MMM-ing.

Enter Dress #10, a Vogue 8663 in a nice animal print jersey knit. Or some kind of stretchy knit. As I mentioned on my Flickr caption, my brilliant boyfriend had seen just the bodice at some point and suggested I make the bodice and skirt separate, making it much easier to mix and match, which is a downright blessing during this challenge. At first I pouted–bristled even–especially since the pleats had given me enough trouble and I just wanted to get it done, but then I realized how cool it would be IF it worked. So I found the scraps and had enough fabric to make some kind of waistband, basted it to the bodice, et voila!

My self-drafted waistband

I love the top with this black skirt.

So the skirt portion was simple. The pieces went together easily, and since the poor thing has to hold itself up now, I made a channel for some elastic. That whole thing went swimmingly, and now I have a skirt!

Bottom half of Vogue 8663.  Future dress #10

The irises say Hi

Oh, another thing I learned. It’s always good to remember to switch to the ballpoint needle when dealing with this stretchy stuff. That was Duh Number One as I constructed the skirt and attempted to finish the armholes, etc. Also, I finally discovered the wonder of Gutermann thread. I had run out of whatever black thread I had, luckily had a spool of Gutermann from goodness knows where, and from the first seam it was just extraordinary. Changing those two things was like night and day. Oh, Duh moments, how you humble me.

So I still have to finish one armhole and the neckline (yet another UFO to add to the pile), but I should be done by sleeveless weather. And definitely by the end of MMM’12!!!

I couldn’t help myself, and actually finished everything that night. Hooray. Can’t wait to incorporate it into MMM.


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