The Dress So Nice She Made It Twice AKA The Sheath Strikes Again


Happy Me-Made-May’12 Eve everyone.

Well, it turns out I LOVED that Simplicity 4118 so much that I couldn’t help myself but to try it again, this time with the tulip fabric that was taunting me Saturday morning. It’s a bright yellow background and simply scrumptious. I only had two yards of it but was reallllly hoping I could do some creative cutting and squeeze a whole dress out of it, even in my non-petite size. It worked!! I left out the belt because I was so in love with the print and knew it didn’t need embellishment. Also, I didn’t mess with that fancy neckline thing. Of course leaving those two steps out helped timewise.

So is this what they call a TNT? It’s a perfect fit, classic style, and I can crank one out in an evening. I just learned UFO today too, so I’m building my nerdy sewist vocab. Fun fun. Oh, and thanks to Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, I now am aware of the crack den that is Fabric Mart. God save me.

So, anyway, here it is

Sheath #2

Oh yeah, of COURSE I haven’t done the hem yet. But look how perfectly that mint green lining matches. Delish! Oh, and I did the back darts this time too, which I left out of yesterday’s dress.

Side/back view

Minimal neck growth/poofage, at least compared to first sheath attempt. WHEW!

So unfortunately I’m out of town for a few days for a funeral and have to leave my beloved sewing machines, but I already have handmade and refashioned duds packed, so I’m stickin’ with my MMM’12 pledge! See you from the road. Can’t wait to see this whole event unfold!!!

Take care!

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    • Hi and thanks a million for the comment. I dug my mom’s old Sears Kenmore out of the basement on February 11. I only know that because I’ve been keeping a journal this year–the only resolution I’ve ever kept. 🙂 I started a three-week elastic waist skirt class that next week at a local fabric store, and have been trial-and-erroring it ever since. It’s pretty much all I want to do these days. Good thing I don’t have kids or they’d be starving!!

      • Well, you are rocking it! I have been really frustrated with garment sewing, so I’ve warmed a lot to quilting. Do you have any garment patterns you’d recommend to ease into it??

      • Hey Kristina. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I totally flaked. It’s difficult for me to recommend one particular pattern because I’ve struggled with all of them in one way or another. I’m kind of learning as I go, so I make a ton of stupid mistakes that are in no way the fault of the pattern companies. However, I have found that the two knit dresses I’ve made–I think
        #4, the guitar dress, and the most recent one, #10, the Vogue that I altered into separates–have been the easiest and most rewarding. So if you don’t mind stretchy jersey knit type fabrics, I would lean that way. And if you like a sheath type dress, this Simplicity 4118 isn’t too difficult, just a bit time-consuming because it’s fully lined. Also, I’m sure you already know this, but Pattern Review is SO helpful. There’s an entire Easy and Great for Beginners classification, plus one called Great Wardrobe Builder. I’d definitely look for reviews with a lot of those.

        Hope this helps somewhat. I will definitely keep in touch if and when I find the perfect starter dresses. There are a few I’m getting ready to start that only have four or five pieces, so I’m psyched to try them out.

        Take care!

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