Celebrating Day 1 of Me-Made-May’12


Hi MMMers!!

Okay, so far so good. Here I am amongst the lettuce and bleeding hearts, happy after a rainy morning. Well, the plants are happy it rained.

The skirt was the first garment I made, in a class at a local fabric store this February, out of my wannabe Lilly fabric. Making Lilly-inspired wear was one of my motivations for learning to sew, so I went straight for this design.

In my little garden, with happy arugula and spinach. Lettuce celebrate!!!

Can’t wait to check out the blogs, Facebook, and Flickr to see what the rest of you are up to.

Take care

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  1. I am loving your adorable skirt in this post! You are so cute! I love all your outfits in your post for MMM! It is very wet, cold and rainy here in N. Ca and most of the clothes I have sewn are for summer/spring! What am I to do!!!

  2. I love your adorable skirt! You are so cute! It’s freezing here in N. Ca and most of my clothes that I have sewn are for Spring/Summer- what am I to do! We need some of your lovely weather here! Looking forward to seeing more sewing posts from you! Cheers!

      • I commented twice on your blog! Sorry! I am still trying to get the hang of all this- I wasn’t signed in when I commented, so then I signed in and didn’t see my post. I forgot that you needed to approve and that there would be a delay so I posted again! Silly me! Have a great day and weekend!

      • No problem at all. I’m way new at this too, so goodness knows what I’ve been unleashing on other innocent bloggers. I appreciate your feedback a great deal.

        Have a great weekend!

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