Dress #8. The sheath. Completed 4/28/12


As always, things are going slowly, but I think this is gonna be cute. It would be wunderbar to have a reliable sheath dress pattern. I think I found it on Pattern Review while researching a dress that can be made with about 2 yards of fabric. It had great reviews so I bought it. Simplicity 4118.

First experience with darts. Okay so far, but I’ve only basted. Haven’t fully committed yet.

Did an emergency front/back baste to see if it might fit, and it’s looking like it has potential.


Love the length, love the neck, love the fabric. Yep, it’s a sheath.

(Look, ma, I’m darting!)



Yay!!! A dress in one day. Okay, except for the hem which I never wanna do, and the zipper is still only basted. And it needs a bit of emergency pressing. Too tired to go into too many details, but I’m extremely happy with the results. Except for this


What the hell is THAT??? I don’t think even hook and eye closures can remedy this. Oh well, that’s what long hair is for. I think I can redo the zipper and take the top part in. It all went too well. There had to be a snafu somewhere.

The neckline is sweet, and the darts aren’t horrific for a first-timer.


So here’s the whole dress. Love it! Will definitely make more. Fits great and I have a ton of fabric screaming to become this sweet little creation.



Hand on hip with cat background. Hi from my Teddy.

Good night!!

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    • Thanks so much for the comment. You’re right–it’s going to be perfect for MMM. I have to somehow make 9 dresses (some of them UFOs) and two skirts stretch out over a month, so hopefully this one will be versatile enough that I can wear it a few times. It’s all in the accessorizing. 🙂

    • Thanks. I love this print too. Another lucky Walmart find. And I have been on an eBay shoe-buying binge lately. I don’t know where this burst of girliness came from, but it’s fun.

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