Dress #7. Completed 4/26/12


Happy Friday, fellow victims of fabric obsession!!

This is the same post I started last Saturday, but I’m reposting to try to start getting things in chronological order. It’s exhausting playing with the space time continuum…

Since I’m already starting to forget the individual trials and tribulations of my previous dresses, I’m going to try to record one from the beginning. Here’s me cutting pieces on my boyfriend’s floor because I’m too impatient to just wait until I’m home tomorrow in the comfort of my cutting-table-equipped basement.

This is a Simplicity 1880 from their Project Runway line. I’m using a nice big piece of polyester that looks like a good weight and drape for this pattern. Wish me luck…


I’ve altered it so far in the cutting process by cutting it to roughly a 14 in the bodice pieces. The pattern stops at 12 but I’m improvising. I’m determined to get this bust situation in order.

Update 4/24:
Well, the bust is sort of okay, but I had my first major skirt failure. Somehow I managed to cut a size or so too small (That’s what I get for being impatient and cutting on the floor!) so I ended up with this


Add game show failure music here–Wah-Wah-Wah-wahhhhhhhhhh.

I sort of improvised an additional front skirt panel but after a couple of slightly off bastings was just too disgusted to look at it anymore so no pic of that yet. It actually might be salvageable, but I just need to let it and me breathe for a day and get out my friend the seam ripper tonight.

I hope I have better luck with the sleeves. Sigh. Groan.

Update. 4/26

Well, it’s done. There are a trillion things wrong with it, but if I wear the right foundation garments and remember to suck in, I think I’ll pull it off.


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    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! It seems that all of these dresses have had one challenge or another, but I’m learning so much. This dress is really growing on me. It’s a fun little frock. 🙂

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