My love affair with the Crayon Folio


When I started sewing a few months ago, I never imagined making gifty crafty things. They never appealed to me at all. But nowadays it seems that just about half of my creations have been quirky, hopefully somewhat useful gifts.

It all started with tea wallets, which I didn’t even know were a thing, that I found on Craftster while looking for easy beginner sewing projects. They’re way easy and fun, and I’ve made at least six people happy with these awesome things.

Tea Wallet Tutorial

And how great is Craftster?! How could you not love a site that declares No Tea Cozies Without Irony. 🙂

My favorite discovery, though, has been the crayon folio, designed by the wonderful Virginia Lindsay of Gingercake Patterns & Design

Gingercake Crayon Folio

My niece posted this wonderful creation on Pinterest, and I ended up buying the pattern and making one immediately for my great-niece.

I was borrowing a friend’s Husqvarna that embroiders letters, so I personalized it a bit for her.


And my niece was sweet enough to send a picture of the folio in action


I have made two more so far, one to a four-year-old neighbor and one to another niece. It’s SO fun to find ribbons and fabrics that reflect their interests and personalities. I particularly like the Rockstar ribbon.





There are infinite ways to personalize these puppies. I even make special stationery for the paper pocket with my greeting card designing program.

I hope this gives someone a good gift idea for the little girls in your life. The more I make, the more potential recipients I think of. Gingercake, you’ve created a monster!

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