Dress #3 Completed 3/24/12



(I think my boyfriend took this while I was scratching my chin, but I sort of like the pose so I kept the photo.)

Here’s me in dress #3 of 6 so far… Love this happy halter dress. Simplicity 2884. Another sweet $1.50/yd cotton print. It was supposed to be an It’s So Easy pattern but I found it difficult. Again, everything is new to me in the pattern-deciphering world. The loops were a pain to make, especially for a component that will be hidden by my hair. This was my first dress to use lining, so that was a totally valuable lesson which I will no doubt use a LOT. The boning was easy, and a fun new skill to learn. The zipper was zero problem, and I adore a good side zipper. In the end the dress was totally worth it, and was perfect to wear on a recent trip to sweltering Florida. I had finished it just as our mild summerlike New Jersey March had turned cold again, so I was dying to finally wear it.

It’s a good margarita-drinkin dress…

And definitely a nice strolling on the beach dress. Here I am blocking the vehicle lane in Daytona.

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