Dress #1 Completed 3/11/12


I have no idea where to start, so I’ll start with my first dress, this fuchsia and black satin number, made as most of my dresses have been so far with $1.50/yd Walmart fabric–until I trust myself with the nicer stuff I’ve been hoarding from many recent eBay sprees. I wish I had bought the rest of the bolt of this stuff, because I found satin totally fun to work with, plus it’s just a pretty design.

It’s a Simplicity 1987 Sew Simple. Since it was my first dress attempt and second pattern attempt, everything took forever. There was a lot of interfacing and such. Plus I panicked when I thought the bodice wouldn’t fit so I skipped the pockets and the elastic waistband (I have no waist so it really didn’t matter 😉 ) and went straight to basting it all together, but overall I think it’s sweet and can’t wait to wear it.


Update–May4. Look, I got brave enough to wear it to a wedding. It passed the dancing test.


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